Germany delivers to Ukraine 4600 DM22/DM31 mines, 2450 RGW 90 ATGMs

BERLIN, ($1=0.95 Euros) — Over the past two weeks, Berlin has delivered thousands of anti-tank mines and portable anti-tank guided missile [ATGM] systems to Kyiv. The German newspaper SPIEGEL wrote about the new shipment, specifying the information with exact numbers and models of weapons: 1,600 anti-tank mines DM22, 3,000 anti-tank mines DM31, and 2,450 portable anti-tank guided missile systems RGW 90, better known among the German troops as Matador ATGM.

Germany supplies DM22/31 off-road 40m range anti-tank mines to Ukraine
Photo credit: Twitter

SPIEGEL writes that Ukraine has paid for the production and supply of RGW 90, as the Ukrainian authorities have agreed directly with the manufacturer, which for Germany is Dynamit Nobel Defense [DND]. As for the anti-tank mines, SPIEGEL writes that Ukraine most likely received them as a donation from the stocks in the inventory of the German army.

There has been a rift between Germany and Ukraine in recent weeks, reminds Ukraine has accused Germany of receiving weapons systems for which there is no ammunition and which have become obsolete. Ukraine has accused Germany of emptying its warehouses of obsolete and retired weapons and delivering them to Ukraine without even the Ukrainians wanting them. Similar is the case about which wrote: Germany is ready to donate SPAAG to Ukraine, but it turned out later that it has no stockpile of 35mm ammunition and was forced to look for them around the world.

More about DM-22 and DM-31

The captured mines DM-22 and DM-31 are part of the so-called PARM series – off-road German mines, which are constructed with small stabilizing fins. This type of mine was developed in the 80s of the last century. From 1983 to 1988 various tests were conducted, after the elevation in the late 80s, the mines were put into operation.

PARM series mines come in two varieties, PARM 1 and PARM 2. PARM 1 entered service with the Garman Army in the 1990s, and unofficial information says that about 25,000 units have been delivered.

The main difference between PARM 1 and PARM 2 is that PARM2 incorporates an infrared sensor into its design, as well as an improved missile. Both types of mines are mounted on a tripod that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and be raised at a 90-degree angle. The mine is placed manually and includes a five-minute delay before it is launched.

The range of such mines is from 2 to 40 meters. The missile moves at an approximate speed of 120 meters per second and is capable of piercing 600 millimeters of armor. PARM 2 has an increased range of up to 100 meters. The warhead of this missile has been modernized and the armor penetration has been increased to 750 mm armor.


In the version currently available on the market, the RGW90 HH [HEAT / HESH] A2 uses a dual-mode mono-shaped charge warhead and can therefore also be used against armored vehicles. The weapon is capable of breaking through a triple brick wall.

Ukraine buys 90mm MATADOR RGW90 with dual-mode mono shaped charge
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The weapon, which weighs about eight kilograms, can pierce more than 600 millimeters of armored steel at a range of 500 meters – with a probability of hitting more than 90 percent of NATO’s standard target of 2.3 meters x 2.3 meters. Works perfectly in the temperature range from -46 ° C to + 71 ° C.

The weapon was designed in the 99th century and entered service in 2000. MATADOR RGW90 is produced in three places – Germany, Israel, and Singapore. Interestingly, the war in Ukraine was the first documented case in which the MATADOR RGW90 was used in full-scale military operations. However, Israel often uses RGW90 to drill walls for Israeli troops to pass through during its military operations in the Gaza Strip.


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