Absurd: Russians guard Kherson with the Battle of Waterloo cannon

KYIV, ($1=63.43 Russian Rubles) — A photo of a Russian-speaking user on Telegram shows absurd footage. A soldier, who the user claims are from the Rosguard, is on duty in the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson, and next to him, fortified with two or three sandbags, is a cannon that was either part of Napoleon’s wars or was seized as props from a movie.

Absurd: Russians guard Kherson with the Battle of Waterloo cannon
Photo: Telegram

The photo proves nothing. It is not known whether the cannon is real, it is not known whether it is a living soldier or a mannequin, and it is not known when it was made. Moreover, it is not known whether the photo was directed or taken by chance, it is not known whether it is not ironic by the Russians or reality.

With absolutely no connection to this photo, but in the context of the photo, we will recall that a recently recorded video showed Russian soldiers armed with Mosin-Nagants with a Soviet PU target. This weapon was designed in 1891 and entered service in the same year. This weapon has been involved in so many wars that it is older than half the world. But, don’t get us wrong – this weapon is really great, but one very important question remains: 75 million AK-47s have been produced in the world. The Soviet Union produced millions of these weapons. How exactly were these Russian units not armed with one Kalashnikov rifle?

Back in the picture with the cannon. It is possible that the whole composition was directed by the Russians as a lure for the Ukrainian armed forces. A shot or projectile from a Ukrainian soldier can easily identify the position of Ukrainian units in the area.

Absurd: Russians guard Kherson with the Battle of Waterloo cannon
Photo: Musée de l’Armée

Against the background of modern weapon systems, and although the whole situation with the photo is absurd, ironic, and comical, we open a remark: if this weapon works, we advise you not to be against it. It may be old, somehow unnatural, and ridiculous, but this cannon inflicts serious damage. Loaded with black powder or some other fuel, the cannon can make a deadly projectile out of anything crammed into its barrel. There is evidence that he easily breaks through armor made of iron and brass. It can drill a 4-inch hole through the bumper, hitting the chest and torso, killing them instantly.


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