UK’s Brimstone ‘fire-and-forget’ missiles into Polish anti-tank IMVs

WARSAW, ($1=4.41 Polish Zlotys) — Nine companies from Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa have signed an agreement with MBDA UK on cooperation in the segment of tank destroyers. The agreement will allow the design and production of vehicles of this class to be armed with MBDA UK’s Brimstone anti-tank guided missiles.

UK's Brimstone 'fire-and-forget' missiles into Polish anti-tank IMVs
Photo: MBDA

They are one of the weapons options offered by PGZ in the Ottokar-Brzoza program, while the Spike missiles are another. The final equipment is specified by the Assignor.

The document, signed by representatives of PGZ and MBDA UK, is a continuation of the agreement reached in 2019 on the cooperation of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa with partners from the UK.

The agreement is the basis for further cooperation on the Polish and foreign markets in the field of ATGM integration with the elements mentioned by the guarantor of the squadron module of tank destroyers and the production of Brimstone missiles in Polish armaments companies. Group.


The Ottokar-Brzoza program involves the acquisition by the Polish Armed Forces of a battery module for self-propelled tank destroyers, based on a modern platform that will be able to destroy armored targets with anti-tank guided missiles. The module, in addition to the tank destroyers themselves, will also include auxiliary and command machines.

The Brimstone ATGM is one of the effector proposals in the Ottokar-Brzoza program, while the Spike missiles are another. Ottokar-Brzoza self-propelled tank destroyers will replace the obsolete 9P133 Malutka in the 14th Anti-Tank Regiment.

Brimstone missile

Brimstone is an anti-tank missile developed by the MBDA for the British Army and Royal Navy. This missile can be launched from a ground-based platform or a naval platform.

UK could send Ukraine 450m/s BRIMSTONE maritime surface-launched missiles
Photo credit: MBDA

It was developed in the mid-1990s but has been in the British Army since 2005. It is currently used by the Royal Air Force, the Royal Saudi Air Force, German Air Force. From 2022, Britain supplied quantities of the Brimstone missile, a ground-based version of Ukraine for protection against Russian invasion.

UK could send Ukraine 450m/s BRIMSTONE maritime surface-launched missiles
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Brimstone has officially registered participants in the following events: Operation Telic, Operation Herrick, Operation Ellamy, Operation Shader, and Russo-Ukrainian War.

The rocket weighs 50 kg and is 1.8 meters long. The diameter is 180 mm. The warhead of the missile weighs 6.3 kg and is a type of HEAT tandem-shaped warhead. The maximum speed of the rocket is supersonic: 450 m / sec. The range is different according to the modification and launch platform: 20+ km [12+ mi] from the fixed-wing, and 12 km [7.5 mi] from the rotor wing. Modification Brimstone II has the following range: 60+ km (37+ mi) from the fixed-wing, 40+ km [25+ mi] from the rotor wing. The guidance system is 94-GHz millimetric-wave active radar homing and INS autopilot; dual-mode, II, and III add laser guidance.


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