32-year-old ‘ex-Ukrainian’ B-871 sub back in service but in Russia

MOSCOW, ($1=64.62 Russian Rubles) — Russia has restored the status of the Russian submarine B-871 Alrosa, Kilo-class, returning it to the Russian Navy after a major overhaul. The Russian state news agency TASS reported the information.

submarine b-871
Photo: Wikipedia

The B-871 Alrosa is a 32-year-old Kilo-class submarine that has had an accident. The first repair of the submarine was in 2009 due to a failure of the propulsion system, which may have occurred due to an engine fire. In 2012, “planned maintenance” was done.

You should know that the submarine B-871 Alrosa is the only remaining original submarine of the Kilo-class. To this day, it is not known whether the B-871 Alrosa submarine belongs to the Russian Baltic Fleet or to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. An interesting fact about this submarine is the time during which it made the transition from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea – one month.

Another interesting fact is that the boat was in service in the Ukrainian Navy. On 13 March 1992, the boat’s crew swore allegiance to Ukraine and captured the boat. Beginning in 1992, the B-871 was limited to dockside duty due to the lack of batteries.

B-871 Alrosa submarine

The B-871 Alrosa is a diesel-electric submarine that became part of the Russian Navy in 1990. It is 76 meters long. It is powered by two diesel-electric propulsion, each with 1,000 kW [1,300 hp] diesel generators, one 5,500-6,800 hp [4,100-5,100 kW] propulsion engine and one fixed-pitch propeller.

Its surfaced speed is 10–12 knots [19–22 km / h; 12–14 mph], but the submerged speed is 17–25 knots [31–46 km / h; 20–29 mph]. It is armed with six 533mm torpedo tubes, 24 mines and eight SA-N-8 Gremlin or eight SA-N-10 Gimlet surface-to-air missiles.


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