Successful test of 120mm MWS Ragnarok mounted into Gidran 4×4 ACV

BUDAPEST, ($1=370.55 Hungarian Forints) — At the end of April 2022, the Hungarian Armed Forces conducted successful tests and a demonstration of a Ragnarok 120mm mortar weapon system [MWS] installed in the Gidran armored combat vehicle [ACV] remote weapon platform [RWP]. The tests took place at the training ground of the Bakony Combat Training Center of the Hungarian Armed Forces.


Hungary has ordered over 300 Gidran 4×4 ACVs from Turkey [this is the Hungarian version of the Turkish vehicle Ejder Yalcın], with the first 10 already delivered by the end of 2021 to the 25th Infantry Brigade “Gyorgy Klapka” in Tata, Hungary.

The tests are part of Hungary’s multinational research and development program aimed at building self-propelled mining capabilities in the Hungarian Armed Forces. reminds us that Hungary has a serious interest in the acquisition of 120mm MWS Ragnarok by the Norwegian branch of the German concern Rheinmetall. That is why the Hungarians decided to test the firepower of the mortar mounted on the Turkish-made Aselsan Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform [SARP], which in addition to integrating with mortar systems, can also integrate light or heavy machine guns.


“The point today is that we have asked several companies to carry out joint research and development programs at the same time, the results of which will be reflected in a tactical system,” Gaspar Marot, government commissioner for defense development, and national armaments director said, and added that this is currently the research phase of force development, during which “we challenge product development for different companies. And these companies work surprisingly well.”

120mm MWS Ragnarok

120mm MWS Ragnarok is a Norwegian product developed by Rheinmetall Norway. This is a fully automatic mortar system.

The mortar is placed on a turntable so that it can be rotated 360 degrees or raised to 87.75 degrees. Orientation is completely automatic: based on the coordinates of the target, fed into the computer, the launch tube is in the direction where the target is. However, loading is done by hand, as with conventional mortars.

Germany modernizes its 120mm mortars to fire next-gen shells
Photo credit: Rheinmetall

The maximum firing distance is about 8 kilometers, but this depends on the length of the barrel of the rifle. Ragnarok can use launcher tubes from other manufacturers. Due to the weight of the weapon, it is designed primarily for combat vehicles, where it can shoot through an opening roof.

Hydraulic 4×4 ACV

Gidran 4×4 ACV is a client development for the Hungarian Armed Forces. The manufacturer is Rheinmetall Hungary under license under the Turkish company Nurol Makina. It is the Turkish company that will produce the first 50 units for the Hungarian infantry, after which Reinmetal will produce the remaining 250 units.

Gidran 4×4 ACV weighs 14 tons and is 5.8 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high. It is run by one person [a driver] and can carry seven more soldiers. The armor of the vehicle is STANAG-4569 Level 4.

As already mentioned, the main armament of the vehicle is composed of Aselsan’s Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform [SARP] armed with a light or heavy machine gun, or automatic grenade launcher. The Gidran 4×4 ACV is powered by a 6-cylinder turbocharged Cummins diesel engine that powers the vehicle with 375 horsepower. 700 km is the maximum distance that the vehicle can cover with one full refueling of the tank, and the maximum speed is 120 km / h.



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