HE 448 munitions use a protocol to determine the best trajectory

STOCKHOLM, ($1=9.95 Swedish Kronas) — The Swedish company Saab carried out showy shootings in front of more than 30 foreign guests to demonstrate the latest ammunition HE 448 and the latest Fire Control Device [FCD] 558. Demonstration shootings took place on two days: May 3 and 4, says the company’s press release.

HE 448 round uses a protocol to determine the best trajectory
Photo: SAAB

HE 448 is a new programmable High Explosive [HE] round. The HE 448 can provide information such as the round type and propellant temperature of the FCD 558. To facilitate the FCD 558 operator, the HE 448 can combine this information with the distance information to the target and thus help the FCD 558 operator determine the most -appropriate trajectory. All this means that the operator will increase its efficiency, as well as the operational efficiency of the weapon.

Saab says the HE 448 has increased range. The design and efficiency of the HE 448 have been achieved thanks to the communication between Saab and the company’s partners, as well as the participation of soldiers, thus providing the necessary feedback to significantly improve performance. Regarding the development of FCD 558 by Saab, they say that “FCD 558 also gives users a new option for equipping Carl-Gustaf with a more efficient sighting solution than the baseline configuration.”

М4 receives next-gen fire control device

As we reported on January 25 this year, Senop and SAAB had worked hard over the past three years to provide a precise fire control system that would continue to ensure the effectiveness of the Carl-Gustaf M4. AFCD TI is a technological leap and cost-effective optimized 24/7 usability, the company said.

AFCD TI is an intelligent sight that provides an excellent probability of hitting from the first round on both stationary and moving targets, using the parameters of the sight and weapon system. Once the target is captured, the system gives the soldier the target range, the type of ammunition to use, calculates the ambient temperature. The additional information that the gunner receives using AFCD TI is the barometric pressure, terrain and elevation angle, and angular velocity.

AFCD TI is designed to meet customer requirements, regardless of the country of operation of the grenade launcher. The system interface can be easily customized in different languages ​​or units. The maximum range of the intelligent optical fire control system is 3000 m. At target size 2.3 x 2.3 m, visibility 10 km, target reflectivity 30%, detection probability 90%.

AFCD TI has a resolution of 800 x 600 px, USB port, water resistance IP67, and can operate in a relatively high-temperature range – from -40 degrees Celsius to +63 degrees Celsius. There are various sensors installed, as well as the ability to work with remote control.


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