Senegal acquires 105 LG guns: 12 rpm, extended range [17km] ammo

PARIS, ($1=0.95 Euros) — Senegal’s armed forces will acquire in the next 18 months, as of April 20 this year, eight towed 105 LG artillery cannons, manufactured by the French company Nexter. The company said in a press release, also noting the words of Dominique Guillet, director of the Weapons and Ammunition business unit at Nexter, that this is “fruitful cooperation between Nexter and the Armed Forces of Senegal”.

Senegal acquires 105 LG guns: 12 rpm, extended range [17km] ammo
Photo: Military Africa

Senegal buys for the first time from Nexter. So far, 105 LG is in service in several countries: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Canada, and Colombia. The company notes that Malaysia is the last customer to order 105 LGs and will soon receive its weapons artillery systems.

The French company points out some of the advantages of their artillery gun, such as the operating range of 17 km, which is due to the extended range of ammunition Arrowtech ERG 3 105 mm. They are also manufactured by Nexter.

The 105 LG is relatively light artillery [1650 kg] among its competitors. This allows it to be transported with almost any vehicle: by plane, helicopter, including parachute. Nexter says the Senegalese army chose the gun because of some of its key benefits: rapid deployment [30 seconds], 12 artillery shots per minute, and a crew of five.

The normal range with normal artillery ammunition is up to 11 km, and the minimum range is up to 2 km. Nexter says the LG 105 can avoid trajectory detection by radars thanks to its very low arrow trajectory when firing hard.


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