Ukraine uses a six-shot hand-held 40mm Milkor MGL: up to 21 round/min

KYIV, ($1=29.39 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Ukrainian soldiers from the Defense Forces have in their arsenal light 40-mm hand grenade launchers Milkor MGL [Multiple Grenade Launcher]. This is evidenced by a video that is shared on social networks. It shows a Ukrainian fighter firing 5 shots and grenade explosions are heard for a few seconds.

Ukraine uses a six-shot hand-held 40mm Milkor MGL: up to 21 round/min
Photo: Wikipedia

M32 Milkor MGL is a light six-shot hand-held 40 mm grenade launcher created by Milkor [South Africa/US] in 1981. Accepted in more than 50 countries. Shop for a revolver grenade launcher for 6 grenades 40×46 mm. Effective shooting – 400 meters. Rate of fire – 18-21 shots per minute.

Milkor MGL has been in service since 1983. He has documented participations in Rwandan Civil War, Colombian conflict, War in Afghanistan [2001–2021], Iraq War, Syrian Civil War, Central African Republic Civil War [2012 – present], 2013 Lahad Datu standoff, 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. It is in service in 24 countries around the world and one of the most popular hand-held MGLs.

Ukraine uses a six-shot hand-held 40mm Milkor MGL: up to 21 round/min
Photo: YouTube

5,000 ATGMs Javelin arrive in Ukraine

The United States will deliver an additional 5,000 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine’s Javelin complex. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced the transfer of weapons during a briefing. The anti-tank weapons will be delivered to Ukraine by Friday, May 6.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Javelin missiles would be provided to Ukraine as part of military aid to combat Russian aggression.

Javelin ATGM is a third-generation portable anti-tank missile system manufactured by the American companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. It belongs to the shoot-and-forget system, which has been in the US military and several other countries since the 1990s. The complex is designed for the destruction of armored vehicles and air targets at low altitudes [helicopters, UAVs].

Photo: Reddit

The FGM-148 Javelin missile has a thermal self-targeting head, so the missile system operator does not have to monitor and correct the missile’s flight after launch as it approaches the target.

Browning .50 caliber in Ukraine

As we reported in late March this year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received Browning .50 caliber heavy machine guns and ammunition for themq according several photos in social media. The photos certifying the delivery were taken by the Ukrainian military portal Mil.In.Ua ​​and they clearly show the received weapons, hiding only the signs of the delivery and the part that received them.

Browning .50 caliber heavy machine gun has a length of 1,654 mm and weighs 38 kg, but is attached to a trip with it reaches a weight of 58 kg. The action of the machine gun is known as a short recoil – a working mechanism used to apply a locked shutter, automatic loading firearms.

The Browning Machine Gun works with a .50 in [12.7 mm] caliber cartridge. The gun’s rate of fire is 450-600 rounds/min or 750-850 rounds/min depending on the modification of the heavy machine gun. The Browning’s feed system is Belt-fed [M2 or M9 links]. It can hit a target at a distance of 7,400 meters but is most effective at a distance of 1,800 meters.

Ukraine has received Browning .50 caliber heavy machine gun
Photo credit: Wikipedia


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