Romania tests 73mm AG-9 thermobaric ammo for piercing 30mm armor

BUCHAREST, ($1=4.70 Romanian Leus) — Thermobaric blast for the Romanian AG-9 grenade launchers [manufactured in Romania under the Soviet license of the SPG-9 tripod-mounted man-portable, 73-millimeter caliber recoilless gun] was developed and tested by the Romanian Mechanical Plant in Plopeni. The information was provided by the Romanian Ministry of Economy, via a post on the ministry’s official Facebook profile.

Romania tests 73mm AG-9 thermobaric ammo for piercing 30mm armor
Photo: Wikimedia

According to Romanian Economy Minister Florian Spataru, the “thermobaric piercing blast” test for the AG-9 grenade launcher is part of an industrial production project. The development of the ammunition is due to technological transfer, said Minister Spataru.

According to Spataru, the prototype grenade launcher is of high “strategic importance and high market share”. The thermobaric piercing blast has not yet entered series production, but it will happen soon. Most likely, the production will be aimed at meeting the needs of the Romanian market, although the possibility of export is not ruled out. reminds us that Romania no longer produces the AG-9 grenade launcher.

Sources claim that the new thermobaric piercing blast has high efficiency and the goal is to pierce 30 mm armored steel or 400 mm indeterminate masonry.

About SPG-9

SPG-9 is an anti-tank gun developed and manufactured during the Soviet era. It has been officially in service since 1962. Although many of the various variants of this Soviet grenade launcher are no longer in production, a large number are still in service around the world. 17 countries still use SPG-9 as part of their armaments’ weapons inventory, and another 9 different groups around the world rely on it.

SPG-9 has participated in almost all wars and hostilities from 1962 to the present day. It weighs between 47 and 60 kg, depending on whether it is equipped with a tripod. Two soldiers are needed to operate the SPG-9.

It fires 73mm caliber projectiles. It can fire between 5 and 6 shells in one minute. Each projectile moves at a speed of 250 to 435 m / s. Its effective firing range is 800 m, while the maximum range is up to 6,500 meters. It can be equipped with two optical systems: PGO-9 optical 4 × sight or PGN-9 IR and passive night sight.


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