Philippines gets 130mm K-136 artillery: WH with 16,000 steel balls

MANILA, ($1=52.53 Philippine Pesos) — The Philippines will receive a donation of 22 K-136 Kooryong rocket artillery systems from South Korea. The Philippine News Agency says the delivery will take place in July this year, and the rocket artillery systems will be included in the inventory of the Philippine Army and the Philippine Marines.

Philippines gets 130mm K-136 artillery: WH with 16,000 steel balls
Photo: Reddit

As 22 K-136 artillery pieces are a donation, their value will not be paid by the Government of the Philippines. However, Manila will pay the cost of transport from South Korea to the Philippines. This donation has been known for at least three years [2019], but only in recent days, the delivery date has been clarified.

K-136 Kooryong is a South Korean product and is used only in the army of the Asian country. According to publicly available information from this model rocket systems have produced a total of 150 units. According to the Philippine plan, K-136 Kooryong became part of a newly formed artillery battalion of the Philippine Armed Forces.

About K-136 Kooryong

K-136 Kooryong South Korean rocket artillery system was designed in the early 80s of the last century and began mass production in 1986. The system was commissioned by the South Korean army. Its design and production involve the Institute for Defense Research and Daewoo.

K-136 Kooryong is a weapon system with 130 mm 36 launched tubes mounted on a 6×6 South Korean chassis KM809A1. The total mass of the rocket system is nearly five tons. The entire weapon system is mounted in the rear of the chassis.

K-136 fires several types of charges: 130 mm unguided rockets, standard rockets K30, or their improved model K33. Depending on the type of artillery shells used, the range of the rocket system is different: from 23 to 36 km.

Rocket’s warhead can be: conventional HE [High Explosive] warhead or pre-fragmented HE warhead. Pre-fragmented HE [frag-HE]warhead contains 16,000 metal balls. Frag-HE means that the rocket hull is scattered by the detonation of the explosive magazine.

Philippines gets 130mm K-136 artillery: WH with 16,000 steel balls
Photo: KDN

The K-136 Kooryong is powered by a diesel engine that provides the entire missile system with 236 horsepower. With the filling of a full tank of fuel, K-136 Kooryong travels maximum up to 550 km and a top speed of no more than 80 km / h.


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