N Macedonia gets MUSON surveillance system: 20+km range, 4×4, 360° turn

PANAGYURISHTE, ($1=1.86 Bulgarian Levs) — North Macedonia has acquired three mobile observation and surveillance systems from MUSON series – the MUSON 20FM, developed by the Bulgarian company Opticoelectron. The information was confirmed by an official representative of Opticoelectron. There is no official information about the value of the deal, but sources at BulgarianMilitary.com say that negotiations are already underway for a second purchase of the same systems.

N Macedonia gets MUSON surveillance system: 20+km range, 4x4, 360° turn
Photo: Boyko Nikolov

The acquired systems will improve the effectiveness of the protection of the North Macedonian border. The country was admitted to NATO in March 2020 and is currently the Balkans’ external border with Kosovo and Serbia. The new system will ensure surveillance of nearly 150 km of the country’s land border.

The purchase of MUSON 20FM is one of Skopje’s first C4ISR investments. “MUSON has been under development for more than seven years in the Opticoelectron industrial park. For the first time, our neighbor showed interest and appreciated the capabilities of the system. Bulgarian border guards also use this system, and so far several Scandinavian and Central European countries have bought MUSON. We have inquiries from the Middle East and Africa, negotiations are underway, but so far we cannot announce the next deal before it becomes a fact,” dipl.eng Boyan Garchev, the Procurator of Opticoelectron said.

N Macedonia gets MUSON surveillance system: 20+km range, 4x4, 360° turn
Photo: Boyko Nikolov

About MUSON 20FM

MUSON 20FM is a series developed by the MUSON family of the Bulgarian company for optical, optomechanical, and optoelectronic production Opticoelectron. Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, and Bulgaria operate with this system. In addition to military or security purposes, the MUSON is also used in the private sector to guard large production areas or oil fields.

The system is an integrated configuration of a multi-sensor system with day and thermal/IR cameras with high resolution and clear graphic images. The range of these optical devices is 20+ km. A telescopic tower raises the entire multisensory system to a certain height, thus enabling the operator to take a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment. The system has a stabilizer, which ensures its smooth operation while driving in hard-to-reach and off-road areas. MUSON 20FM has its own independent power supply. The entire system is controlled by a computerized control console.

MUSON 20FM can record video as well as record certain moments in the form of photos, and then be stored in the archive infrastructure of the configuration. The system has an open architecture, which allows the integration of various updates or modernizations, as well as an autonomous connection to any ground motion sensors that can automatically activate the system if it is at rest.

N Macedonia gets MUSON surveillance system: 20+km range, 4x4, 360° turn
Photo: Opticoelectron

The purchased MUSON 20FM from Northern Macedonia is integrated into a 4×4 Ford chassis, but Opticoelectron says the system could be integrated into dozens of different brands and models of vehicles.


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