Kiselyov to Putin: ‘Launch Status-6 cobalt nuke bomb to UK’

MOSCOW, ($1=71.08 Russian Rubles) — A Russian TV presenter on Russia 1 has called on the president of the Russian Federation to launch the Poseidon nuclear submarine [Status-6] and erase the United Kingdom from the world map. Dmitry Kiselyov, who has his own television show on Russian national television, said Poseidon could cause a radioactive wave that would “sink Britain into the depths of the ocean.”

Kiselyov to Putin: 'Launch Status-6 cobalt nuke bomb to UK'
Photo: Screenshot Russia 1 TV

Dmitry Kiselyov hosts a publicist show on Russian television. He is known for his pro-Putin analyzes and topics in his airtime. He is often called the “head of Russian propaganda”, and outside Russia, the international community calls him “Putin’s mouthpiece” as both a megaphone and Kiselyov amplify the sound, but only in one direction.

According to Kiselyov, the Poseidon nuclear submarine drone could form a 500-meter wave that carries “extremely high doses of radiation” and, according to the Russian TV presenter, “will turn Britain into a radioactive desert, we use it for nothing.”

However, Kiselyov was clearly not happy with the presentation of the nuclear torpedo and switched to another speed, again threatening Britain, but this time with liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped super-heavy intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 Sarmat. According to Kiselyov, Britain is a “small island” and only one RS-28 Sarmat missile is enough. “[RS-28 Sarmat] is capable of destroying an area the size of Texas or England. Just one launch, Boris, and England is gone.”

Kiselyov to Putin: 'Launch Status-6 cobalt nuke bomb to UK'
Photo: Screenshot Russia TV 1

“Britain is against us” propaganda

“Britain is against Russia” is one of the main political and military analyzes and comments in the national Russian electronic and print media. The reasons can be many. But one stands out the most and pushes Russian party media stars to get involved in anti-British policies: Russia is promoting among the Russian population that London can fire nuclear missiles at Moscow without consulting NATO.

This Russian propaganda was born from the truth, which is: Britain’s support for Ukraine, which is expressed in humanitarian and military aid [supply of weapons, weapons systems, staff training]. Logically, Russia does not like this act of Britain and is trying to instill “its own truth” among the Russians.

About the Poseidon nuclear torpedo

Satellite revealed the carrier of Russian nuclear 'monster' Poseidon
Photo credit: USNI

Status-6 is the working name of an autonomous, nuclear-powered, and nuclear-armed unmanned underwater vehicle. In fact, Poseidon is the world’s first submarine drone of this class ever created by anyone. It is in service only in the Russian Federation, and the carriers of this torpedo are six new specially built nuclear submarines.

Russia’s MoD Releases Video of the New Nuclear-powered Underwater Drone Poseidon
Photo credit: YouTube/Russian Defense Ministry

The drone weighs over 100 metric tons. Its blast yield is 2 Mt or more. It is powered by a liquid metal reactor of at least 15 MW. It is assumed that the drone’s armor is a titanium case with the ability to dive to a depth of more than 1 km and rubber noise insulation on the outside. Its transmission is electric and according to official Russian technical and technological data, the maximum speed it develops is 185 km / h. Its guidance system is combined with artificial intelligence and satellite control in one environment.

It is claimed that Poseidon was equipped with a cobalt bomb – a type of “salted bomb”: a nuclear weapon designed to produce enhanced amounts of radioactive fallout, intended to contaminate a large area with radioactive material, potentially for the purpose of radiological warfare, mutually assured destruction or as doomsday devices.

About RS-28 Sarmat

According to the Russian news agency Interfax, RS-28 Sarmat [NATO reporting name: SS-X-29 or SS-X-30] will be produced by the Krasmash plant, which is part of the Roscosmos structure. The missile is to replace the world’s most powerful strategic missile, the RS-20B Voyevoda, which is under the operational control of Russian strategic missile forces in the Krasnoyarsk and Dombarovsk regions.

RS-28 Sarmat has a mass of 208.1 metric tons, length of 35.5 m, and diameter of 3 meters. According to generally available characteristics, a Samrat missile will carry between 10 and 15 MIRV payloads of warheads designed for exosphere ballistic missiles. The operating range is estimated at approximately 18,000 kilometers and must reach a maximum speed of 20.7; 25.560 km / h [15,880 mph]; 7.1 km / s [4.4 mi / s]. According to Interfax, in the future Sarmat missiles will carry hypersonic sliding winged warheads Avangard, which develop a speed of about Mach 27.

Russia says 46 'gifts to NATO' RS-28 Sarmat ICBMs to be built
Photo credit: Russian MoD

The rocket is powered by an RD-263 liquid rocket engine, burning nitrogen tetroxide [NTO] and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine [UDMH] in the oxidizer rich staged combustion cycle. The RS-28 Sarmat is guided by inertial guidance, GLONASS, and Astro-inertial guidance systems.


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