Netherlands sends to Ukraine APCs and 155mm PzH 2000 SPGs

AMSTERDAM, ($1=0.95 Euros) — The Netherlands will continue to send heavy weapons to Ukraine from its army stockpiles. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, announced this intention on April 19. The Oryx web portal reveals more about the machinations of the Dutch.

PzH 2000
Photo: Wikipedia

According to Oryx, arms supplies from the Netherlands to Ukraine have not stopped, although in late March the Dutch government announced that it would stop providing information on what the Netherlands supplies to Ukraine. Oryx suggests that it is time for the Netherlands to provide the Ukrainian armed forces with the PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers at its disposal.

The Netherlands will provide five [or six] PzH 2000, says Orux. The training of Ukrainian soldiers to work with this self-propelled howitzer will be carried out in Germany. The Netherlands will upgrade these howitzers in the coming years, but the publication suggests that it will not buy additional howitzers. It is most likely that what the Netherlands has given to Ukraine will be given back from Germany to the Netherlands to maintain the necessary strategic amount of stock.

The Netherlands has many weapons systems that are obsolete, stored, or simply unnecessary for the Dutch army, so they are a real opportunity to be sold. These are SAM systems, MLRS systems M270, Leopard 2A6 MBT, armored personnel carriers, including YPR-765 armored personnel carriers, 155 mm towed howitzers FH-70 and others. The situation in Europe changed after Russia invaded Ukraine and started a war so that the Netherlands’ initial plans to find these weapons customers diminished, and the chances of falling into Ukraine increased.

155-mm PzH 2000

155mm PzH 2000 howitzers firing 10 rounds in 56 seconds go to Lithuania
Photo credit: Wikipedia

PzH-2000 is a 155-mm closed-type cannon chassis, built based on components and units of the “Leopard-2” tank. Additional weapons consist of a 7.62-mm MG-3 machine gun and eight smoke grenade launchers [2×4]. The machine carries 60 artillery shells, 48 ​​all-metal charges [six-segment], 2,000 machine guns, and 8 grenade launchers.

PzH 2000 is very suitable for the modern concept of war – from a great distance to hit the target with one volley and quickly leave the position. An automated fire control system helps to cover the target without shots, which directs the entire battery at once. PzH 2000 can fire three projectiles in 9 seconds or 10 in 56 seconds. Then the speed is from 10 to 13 shots per minute, depending on the heating of the barrel.

Range of firing with a standard NATO projectile L15A2 – 30 km. PzH 2000 holds the world record among 155 mm howitzers. At a test site in South Africa, she fired a specially designed V-LAP projectile, manufactured by the South African company Denel, 56 km away.


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