Indian Mi-17V5 helicopters are already armed with SPIKE ATGM

NEW DELHI, ($1=76.63 Indian Rupees) — Russian-made Mi-17B5 helicopters from the Indian Air Force will be armed with Israeli SPIKE NLOS [Non-Line-of-Sight] ATGM. The news comes from the Indian information portal India Times.

Russian Mi-17V5 helicopters are already armed with SPIKE ATGM
Photo credit: FlightGlobals

According to the author of the information, the war in Ukraine and the successful use of anti-tank-guided missiles [ATGM] by the Ukrainian armed forces have persuaded the Indian Ministry of Defense to make this move. “It [SPIKE NLOS] can take out targets from long ranges and can prove to be very effective against enemy armored columns in times of conflict,” the Indian Times said, citing its government sources.

India has a fairly small number of Israeli anti-tank SPIKE NLOS guided missiles. This is confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Defense of the country. But they say that after the decision to arm Russian-made Mi-17V5 helicopters, India will seek a solution to “deliver more missiles through “Made in India” program.”

The first technology transfer failed

For years, India has wanted to start producing Israeli anti-tank Spike anti-tank missiles. Five years ago, Israel and India were on the final right to sign an agreement, but it failed. Then New Delhi expressed a desire to buy missiles, simulators, and launchers in a deal for $ 1 billion.

After the failure of the deal in the “technology transfer” part, India still made an urgent order due to the border clashes with the Pakistani army in 2019. India then acquired 240 SPIKE missiles and 12 launchers, which were put into operation the same year. It is assumed that these missiles are part of the new armament of Russian helicopters, but it seems that they will not be enough in number.

The Indian government is likely to outsource a local anti-tank guided missile, and the Indian companies Bharat Dynamics and Kalyani Group are likely to be involved.


SPIKE NLOS is a series of Israeli anti-tank guided missiles in various variants and with different design and manufacturing characteristics of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. SPIK NLOS is a long-range anti-tank guided missile known to Israelis as the Tamuz missile.

The missile weighs about 70 kg and can be launched from both a ground launcher and a helicopter. The maximum range of SPIKE NLOS is 25 km. However, this range is officially mentioned in the product characteristics. In fact, this missile hit a target 32 ​​km away after the US Air Force made a successful attempt in March 2011. Then they fired her from an AH-64E helicopter. The United States also intends to equip a small part of its fleet of attacking helicopters with this missile.

Russian Mi-17V5 helicopters are already armed with SPIKE ATGM
Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

Raphael is working to expand the flexibility of the missile by improving the existing EO-IR / CCD search engine with semi-active laser [SAL] capability and various anti-armor warheads, blast penetration, and fragmentation blast to meet specific applications.


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