Spike ATGM and 30mm Bushmaster Mk 44 cannon on next-gen Polish IFV

WARSAW, ($1=4.34 Polish Zlotys) — The Polish army expects its next-generation infantry fighting vehicle [IFV] Borsuk [Badger in English] to enter service in the coming years, learned BulgarianMilitary.com. According to preliminary expectations, Borsuk IFV will enter serial production in 2023/2024.

Spike ATGM and 30mm Bushmaster Mk 44 cannon on next-gen Polish IFV
Photo credit: Defence 24

Badger IFV must replace the old Polish BMP-1 produced under Soviet license. This is a generation of caterpillar armored IFV developed in recent years by Polish companies with the leading role of Huta Stalowa Wola [HSW], which is part of the consortium Polish Armaments Group [Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, PGZ].

The first Borsuk IFV field tests were conducted in 2020, shortly after which HSW announced that it expected its armored vehicle to enter service in three years. The war machine has been under development since 2014 and was first presented to the general public three years later at the local international military exhibition MSPO. A year later, Borsuk’s designers showed a version of the vehicle with the ZSSW-30 unmanned weapon system.

About Borsuk IFV

Borsuk [Badger] is a modern tracked infantry fighting vehicle [BMP], designed to safely transport the crew and descended soldiers to the battlefield. Qualified tests are forthcoming this year [2022].

Spike ATGM and 30mm Bushmaster Mk 44 cannon on next-gen Polish IFV
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The vehicle is powered by a single MTU 8V199 TE20 engine, which can provide an exceptional power of 8720 hp. This engine is licensed by the German company MTU but was actually developed in Poland by the local company Zakłady Motoryzacyjne. The main gear drives the other six gears, which represent the Badger suspension. With a single refueling of the fuel tank, this infantry fighting vehicle can travel 600 km. The maximum speed it can reach is 70 km / h.

The Borsuk Armament is an integrated unmanned weapon station on the Borsuk turret, which consists of a 30mm Bushmaster Mk 44 mainly cannon. If necessary, the cannon can be replaced by 40 mm. The weapon station fires more missiles and has an integrated 7.62mm light machine gun. Spike’s dual anti-tank missile launcher adds more power to Poland’s IFV combat capability. The unmanned weapon system has an integrated automatic fire control system and an auto-target tracking system.


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