Bell restarts the V-247 Vigilant tiltrotor multirole UAV program

WASHINGTON — According to Todd Warden, Bell’s director of sales and strategy for advanced vertical takeoff/landing systems on The Drive’s website, the company is restoring the V-247 Vigilant variable rotor and multi-purpose drone program, learned, citing DefenceReview.

Bell restarts the V-247 Vigilant tiltrotor multirole UAV program
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The prospect is that the new V-247 Vigilant will be offered, with a new smaller design, to the US Navy. Note that the V-247 is designed for the Marine Corps and the MAGTF [Marine Air-Land Operations Team] program.

According to Bell, the V-247, in its most compact version, will be able to be housed in the same space as the MH-60R SeaHawk and perform the same missions under the FVL-MS [Future Vertical Lift-Maritime Strike] program of the US Navy. For the MAGTF program, the V-247 is designed with a maximum takeoff weight of 30,000 pounds, while for the FVL-MS program it has 28,000 pounds.

The reduction was made by reducing fuel tanks. The development of the smaller version is guided by the capacity of the V-247 in the Arlie Burke hangar, but also in ships with less displacement, such as frigates.

The V-247 can carry a payload of up to 9,000 pounds and achieves a standard cruising speed of 444 kilometers per hour and a maximum continuous speed of 556 kilometers per hour. Without refueling, its mileage is 1127 kilometers.

Bell restarts the V-247 Vigilant tiltrotor multirole UAV program
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The missions it can undertake are intelligence gathering, surveillance, intelligence and targeting, surface warfare, submarine warfare, mine warfare, air-to-air missions, cyber warfare, search and rescue, command and control, close and mutual support, support of special operations, and coastal defense.


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