France donates 12 CAESAR 155mm wheeled howitzers to Ukraine

PARIS, ($1=0.93 Euros) — France has officially announced that the Ukrainian armed forces, which are fighting against the Russians, will increase their combat effectiveness by donating CAESAR’s wheeled howitzers. The news was officially unconfirmed by French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with the French newspaper Ouest-France.

Iraq interested 155mm artillery 6 shells/min and auto-repointing
Photo credit: Nexter recalls that France announced a few days ago that Ukraine will receive MILAN anti-tank missile systems. But then the news leaked from MP Alexis Corbier, a member of the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee of the National Assembly. However, the French government has managed to ensure that the information about the supply of self-propelled howitzers CAESAR is not “leaked” is also in the press in advance.

Ukraine received 'brutal' ATGMs: enhanced lethality, digitized firing
Photo credit: MBDA

CAESAR’s wheeled howitzer is the pride of French artillery. This deadly weapon has proven itself in real fighting in Mali and Iraq. Iraq is openly interested in buying them, as we have already written. Malaysia is also showing interest, with local Malaysian representatives trying to establish the brand in the region. Last but not least, in late February, the French government commissioned Nexter, CAESAR’s maker, to begin developing next-generation howitzers. In 2024, the company expects to decide whether to produce 109 CAESAR 6 × 6 Mark II systems or to produce 33 new systems and retrofit 76 existing CAESAR systems.

Ukraine will receive 12 self-propelled CAESAR howitzers, which will be taken from the reserves of the French army, according to the French newspaper Ouest-France. According to unofficial and unconfirmed information, the Ukrainians must put CAESARs into combat readiness and into operation in early May. Most likely, as has been the practice in recent weeks, a group of Ukrainian soldiers will be sent to train outside Ukraine to work with French howitzers.

155mm self-propelled howitzer Caesar

As we have already written, the 155mm self-propelled howitzer Caesar of the French Nexter Group is developed in two chassis variants – 6×6 and 8×8. The howitzer is extremely mobile and with a single tank, the charge can travel a little over 600 km at an average speed of 50 km / h. The maximum speed of the howitzer is 80 km / h.

The cabin is armored with a level of overprotection STANAG 4569 Level 2. The entire howitzer in combat deployment weighs just over 18 tons, is 10 meters long, and is almost four meters high. In addition to cannon and chassis, the French system has an autonomous weapon system, inertial navigation unit, initial speed radar, ballistic calculator, and the ability to interact with any C4I system.

Iraq interested 155mm artillery 6 shells/min and auto-repointing
Photo credit: Nexter

The main gun is 155 mm / 52 mud artillery capable of firing up to 6 shells in one minute. The maximum range is from 4.5 to 40 km, but with the help of shell-jet, the range can be increased to 50 km.

The howitzer has a semi-automatic system for loading and automatic aiming and redirection of the weapon system. Works with all types of ammunition 39/52 mud standard NATO or ERFB, as well as intelligent ammunition. The howitzer unfolds in 60 seconds and the crew consists of 4-5 people.

The 155mm Caesar self-propelled howitzer has been involved in various French missions in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mali, and Iraq. It can be transported by C-130 / A400 / IL76 / C-17 aircraft, as well as parachuted by them.


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