What does Russia say about the sinking of its cruiser Moscow?

MOSCOW, ($1=81.88 Russian Rubles) — BulgarianMilitary.com was among the first online military portals to report on the sinking of the Russian naval cruiser Moscow. According to confirmed information from both sides [Russia and Ukraine] at dawn on April 14, the missile cruiser Moscow was already out of the ability to perform its duties.

Either Neptune or S-300F missile sank the Russian cruiser Moscow
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Ukraine claims that the coastal anti-ship missile system Neptune of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has hit the missile cruiser.

What happened to Russia?

  • Onboard the ship Moscow had a strong detonation of ammunition due to a fire;
  • Later in the day in the early afternoon of April 14, the Russian military announced that they had located where the fire occurred, as well as the source of the fire [it is not reported who is the source and where the fire occurred]. In addition, they say that after the establishment of these two events, the explosions of ammunition have stopped;
  • The cruiser Moscow was towed to the port of destination. The Russian military says it has found damage to the ship’s hull. During the withdrawal, according to the Russian military, the missile cruiser Moscow lost stability as a result of which it sank to the bottom of the Black Sea;
Either Neptune or S-300F missile sank the Russian cruiser Moscow
Photo credit: Twitter

What are the consequences?

  • The Russian Ministry of Defense announces that the exact cause of the fire is still being clarified;
  • The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that the entire crew that was onboard the warship Moscow at the time were evacuated, and the crew was redeployed to other warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet;

What is known about the missile cruiser Moscow?

The warship Moscow has been in service with the Russian Navy since 1982 and is the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. This is the main ship of the Black Sea Fleet, whose role is to command the actions of other ships of the same fleet.

The warship Moscow is one of Russia’s largest warships. Its displacement is over 11,000, and it is armed with 16 anti-ship missile launchers P-1000 Vulkan, as well an S-300F “Fort”. As BulgarianMilitary.com reported yesterday, if the cause of the damage to the Russian ship is due to fire, the S-300F missile has the charge and the ability to cause serious damage to the ship’s hull in an explosion.

Other incidents

Whether the Moscow ship was hit by a Ukrainian missile or by its own will be clarified in the future, and it may never be clear. But this is not the first time the Russian navy has suffered incidents as a result of fires onboard more than one vessel.

The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov caught fire in 2019 during repairs, the AS-31 nuclear submarine also caught fire in 2019, and in 2000 the Kursk submarine sank with 118 sailors on board.


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