Spanish army bought 12 cal Benelli M4A1 rifles with ARGO system

MADRID, ($1=0.92 Euros) — The Spanish army has bought a batch of 78 semi-automatic M4A1 rifles from the company Beretta Benelli Ibérica for a sum slightly higher than 200,000 euros [$216,000], learned, citing InfoDefense.

Spanish army bought 12 cal Benelli M4A1 rifles with ARGO system
Photo credit: Twitter

M4, manufactured by Benelli, is a semi-automatic rifle with a capacity of seven 12 caliber cartridges, a speed of approximately 125 rounds/minute, 76 mm Magnum shells, and a butt and rod of technopolymer. The M4 uses a proprietary action design called the “auto-regulating gas-operated” [ARGO] system, which was created specifically for the weapon.

It weighs approximately 3.8 kg and the barrel is 47 cm. “It is equipped with a sheet sight, protected by side fins and adjustable diopter, and the barrel is chrome-plated on the inside and phosphate on the outside,” explains the manufacturer of the weapon.

Each rifle must have at least, according to its specifications, the following accessories: muzzle indicator; single Picatinny rail; three-rail Picatinny; three-point strap; aiming sights; cleaning kit, and transport box. The batch will be delivered before November 30 this year, according to the formalization announcement.

The Headquarters for Economic Affairs of the Army Logistics Support Command [MALE] is the body responsible for the tender through a negotiated procedure with publicity and simple processing. The exact budget is 208,107 euros [$225,437], including taxes. The price per piece without VAT is 2205 euros.

Army requirements

The rifle must have a reversible handguard [right / left button] in the trigger area, as well as an automatic guard against premature firing; have a lever for a quick change of cartridges; have a color indicator [red] to signal that the hammer has been raised; and will have a Ghost Ring rear sight with diopter and wind, height-adjustable and protective side lugs, with a fixed sight for Ghost Ring Sight and Picatinny rail.

The cylinder head must be adjustable in several positions [minimum 4] and must be brown/dry in color, with an external ceramic coating that provides resistance to extreme environmental conditions, erosion, corrosion, and scratches. The specifications do not specify which units can use this weapon.


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