Ukraine received ‘brutal’ ATGMs: enhanced lethality, digitized firing

PARIS, ($1=0.92 Euros) — According to reports in the French newspapers Ouest France and Le Monde, France and Italy already have delivered “several dozen” MILAN anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine between February 28 and March 3, learned

Ukraine received 'brutal' ATGMs: enhanced lethality, digitized firing
Photo credit: MBDA

According to reports, both countries have delivered the latest and most capable versions of Ukraine’s system. The systems were delivered to Ukraine on the border with Poland. We remind you that the French army is in the process of replacing its 528 MILAN launchers [428 portable and 100 interchangeable in VAB and VBL vehicles] with the new anti-tank systems MMP [Missile Moyenne Portée] with a maximum range of 4+ kilometers.

MILAN of the French army are modernized and can use the latest missiles MILAN-3 and MILAN-ER with a maximum range of 3 km.

MILAN-3 is an evolution of the MILAN-2 version. In the MILAN-2 version, the projectile has a larger diameter and includes an extension at the end of the projectile, the use of which facilitates drilling. This extension transforms the kinetic energy that the projectile acquires in flight into a partial perforation so that the main head has an easier task.

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Photo credit: Defense News

The MILAN-2T [Tandem] version includes two warheads, the main one located in the rocket’s hull and the second one integrated into the aforementioned extension. The MILAN-3 version was developed to attack tanks with additional ERA shielding. The extension has been removed and both warheads are located vertically inside the projectile.

More about MILAN-ER

The MILAN-ER version has a maximum range of 3 km. Italy is also in the process of replacing 714 MILAN launchers [MILAN-2T] with Spike.

MILAN ER is the latest development of the combat-proven MILAN
weapon system that has already been selected by over 40 customers
around the world.This latest generation high firepower weapon system has been specifically designed for land combat forces involved in sustained and demanding close combat operations:

  • It combines precision and the versatility to address all the threats of the modern battlefield, static or moving, comprising the most heavily armed tanks as well as targets such as fortifications and infrastructures.
  • It is suitable for both urban and open terrain thanks to Man In The Loop [MITL] operation for avoidance of collateral damage, friendly fire and to comply with increasingly complex rules of engagement.
Ukraine received 'brutal' ATGMs: enhanced lethality, digitized firing
Photo credit: MBDA

MBDA’s solution to these modern requirements comprises a new longer-range missile and a new, advanced performance firing post
leading to the following advantages:

  • 3000 m range
  • Semi Automatic Command to Line Of Sight [SACLOS] guidance with permanent Man In The Loop [MITL]
  • Fully digital firing post with integrated day and night sights [thermal imaging],
  • Improved reconnaissance and identification

Firing post compatible with Network-Centric Warfare and other external connections

  • Missile maintenance free
  • Firing post ergonomics, robustness and ease of operation reflect the requirements of diverse modern operations
  • Low procurement, training and support costs
Photo credit: MBDA


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