Israel retires M113, EITAN comes – 7.62 MG, 30mm gun, Spike ATGM

JERUSALEM, ($1=3.22 Israeli Shekels) — EITAN is an 8 x 8 wheeled armored vehicle developed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense in collaboration with IMI [Israel Military Industries], now owned by Elbit Systems. Together with Namer, they form the new twin of the Israeli army’s armored vehicles, which will gradually replace the old and obsolete M-113, learned, citing
Photo credit: The Times of Israel

EITAN was first introduced in August 2016 and its design philosophy is the same as Namer’s – dominating the field by minimizing losses through the use of technologically advanced home development and manufacturing systems. The deployment of EITAN was decided after Operation Protective Edge in Gaza on July 8 – August 26, 2014.

In 2014, Namer was used for the first time in Gaza with very positive results. Unlike the Namer, which is based on the Merkava Mk.IV chariot, the EITAN is a brand new vehicle with a focus on modular design for multiple missions [although it shares systems with both the Namer and the Merkava Mk. IV]. EITAN’s design focuses on agility, survival, and firepower.

Not coincidentally, along with Namer, they are considered one of the heaviest armored vehicles in the world. EITAN has been in production since 2020, but the pace of production is quite slow due to limited funds available [in 2019, the active self-defense system Iron Fist Light Decoupled was chosen]. According to Israeli press reports, the price of EITAN is $ 3 million, but it is unclear whether the price includes maintenance and ammunition for the vehicle.

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Design and armament

The two main versions of the EITAN are that of the Armored Machine [TOMP], with a 12.7 mm remote control tower with a 7.62 mm machine gun, and the Armored Fighting Machine [TOMA] with Rafael Samson All-In-One Battle Tower. The Samson All-In-One may also include an Active Trophy self-defense system [alternative to Iron Fist Light Decoupled], a 30- or 40-mm cannon, a 7.62-mm machine gun, and a two-barrel Spike-LR1 / LR2 anti-tank missile system [with a maximum range of 4 and 5.5 km, respectively].

EITAN’s design follows the design philosophy of modern armored vehicles, ie. the driver and engine compartments are located in the front arch, followed by the valve compartment [turret] and then the passenger car compartment.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

EITAN’s combat weight is 35 tons, its length is about eight meters, width between 2.8-3 meters, and height between 2.5-3 meters. It can carry 12 people, including three crew members [driver, machine gunner, crew commander] and nine transferred infantry crew. In addition to the factory shield, the EITAN can be enhanced with an additional screen and protective aprons for the wheels. The floor protects the vehicle and personnel from mines and improvised explosive devices up to 10 kg of TNT.

Engine, drive, speed

It also includes an integrated protection system against radiological, biological, chemical, and climatic systems. The infantry team enters/exits the vehicle from behind, a hydraulically controlled, ramp. EITAN includes a German MTU engine with a maximum power of 750 hp. Achieves a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour [on the road] and maximum mileage of 1000 kilometers.

The vehicle’s tires include an airless propulsion system for emergency use. In this case, the vehicle can travel up to 16 km / h at speeds below 50 km / h. EITAN is not an amphibian. It can move on the ground with a vertical slope of 60% or on the ground with a lateral slope of 30%. Overcomes a vertical obstacle with a height of 80 cm, a trench two meters wide, and a water catchment with a depth of 1.2 meters.

Observation and surveillnace

Photo credit: Flicr

Overall, the EITAN has more interior space than the M-113, while the staff and crew have 10 external cameras that provide 360 ​​° coverage throughout the arc and contribute catalytically to its awareness. In this way, the infantry group is fully aware of the situation around the vehicle before getting out of the vehicle. Inside, the crew and staff are completely protected from bullets up to 30 mm caliber.


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