China unveiled GAM-10X ATGM – 170 m/s speed, self-developed IR core

BEIJING, ($1=6.37 Chinese Yuans) — China’s GAM-10X short- and medium-range anti-tank guided missiles were unveiled at the 2022 Defense Services Asia International Defense and Security (DSA) exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. The GAM-10X ATGM series is similar [Chinese equivalent] to the American-made FGM-148 Javelin.

China unveiled GAM-10X ATGM - 170 m/s speed, self-developed IR core
Photo credit: Military Factory

The Chinese ATGM series includes two versions: the GAM-100 with a small operational range for hitting the target between 200 and 2,500 meters, and the GAM-102 with a medium operational range for hitting the target between 300 and 4,000 meters. The British online portal for defense and intelligence Jane reports that the Chinese GAM-10X ATGM series has its own-developed infrared core. The role of this core is to significantly reduce the warm-up period of the system. Jane also says that non-refrigerated components are integrated into ATGMs.

GAM-10X ATGM entered service in the ground forces of the People’s Liberation Army in 2016, which defines the system as relatively new development. Currently, the GAM-10X is in service only in China, and it is not known if Beijing has exported it to a foreign customer.

China says the GAM-10X ATGM is designed to fire and destroy various types of armored vehicles, including tanks, destroying fortified and reinforced structures such as bunkers. In addition to manual use by an infantryman, the system allows it to be mounted on armored vehicles as an anti-tank solution in the vehicle’s weapon system.

China unveiled GAM-10X ATGM - 170 m/s speed, self-developed IR core
Photo credit: Twitter

The charge of both anti-tank guided missiles is a tandem type. Sources claim that the depth of penetration made by the missile is nearly 800 mm. Spring-loaded fins stabilize the flight and the rocket during flight, and the rocket itself detects the target with the help of a built-in infrared search engine. Immediately after launch, the fins, which are mounted in the middle of the tail, automatically unfold, and the infrared sight directs the missile.

GAM-10X ATGM is a reusable system. The missile has a caliber of 127 mm. An infantryman can fire two missiles in one minute.


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