EOS mounts 30x173mm Mk44S Bushmaster II gun on AMPV in Fort Sill

WASHINGTON — The American company EOS Defense Systems [EOS DS] demonstrated its R800S remote control weapon system [RWS] mounted on an armored multi-purpose vehicle [AMVP], BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing the Ronkainen tweet from April 8. The demonstration took place at the U.S. Army Post Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma, which is located about 137 kilometers [85 miles] southwest of Oklahoma City.

EOS mounts 30x173mm Mk44S Bushmaster II gun on AMPV in Fort Still
Photo credit: Twitter

RWS The R800S is made up of several weapons. The main weapon is a 30x173mm Mk44S Bushmaster II gun. The secondary weapon is a 7.62 mm light machine gun M240B. Last but not least, the weapons system has an integrated anti-tank missile system, which can be either Javelin [American-made] or Spike [Israeli-made].

The Mk44S can be upgraded to the 40x180mm Supershot with the exchange of just three parts, and larger cannons can also be incorporated within the design. The R800S RWS also includes an Iron Fist active protection system, Iron Vision helmet-mounted situational awareness system, laser warning systems, and ARTIST on-board training system.

RWS R800S can rotate 360 ​​degrees and elevation from + 55 ° to -30 °. The entire weapon system weighs just over 800 kg. The 800S offers protection levels from STANAG Level 2 through to 4 and delivers turret level direct firepower for 30% of the weight.

The fitted R800S RWS provides the commander with an independent sight for surveillance and target acquisition, and the capability to engage independent targets using the RWS ‘weapons. The RWS can also be fitted with C-UAS capability for drone defeat.

EOS mounts 30x173mm Mk44S Bushmaster II gun on AMPV in Fort Still
Photo credit: Twitter

C-UAS is made up of an EOS development called Titanis. A typical all-up Titanis configuration incorporates direct fire engagement systems, passive and active soft kill electronic warfare [EW] systems, an integrated sensor suite-including Pulse-Doppler, software-defined radar, day / thermal camera, laser rangefinder, and radiofrequency [RF] detection systems – and optional directed energy [DE] kill system. These systems sit together with and are integrated through, a proprietary C2 and fire control system developed by EOS.

The Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle [AMPV] is the replacement for the M113 Family of Vehicles [FoV] within the Armored Brigade Combat Team [ABCT], comprising approximately 30 percent of its tracked vehicle fleet.


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