Kuwait gets best Eurofighters – Meteor AAM, Captor-E AESA, 27mm Mauser

KUWAIT CITY, ($1=0.30 Kuwaiti Dinars) — The latest Eurofighter Typhoon fighters that Kuwait has begun receiving in recent months are designed to strengthen the Emirate’s air force in the long run – and they are the most advanced Eurofighters available today.

Kuwait gets bests Eurofighters - Meteor AAM, Captor-E AESA, 27mm Mauser
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Kuwait received delivery of two more brand new Tranche 3A Typhoon at the end of March this year, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing FlugRevue, with the Middle East country remaining to receive 24 more from the same model.

The Kuwaiti government had already decided to purchase 28 Tranche 3A Typhoons in 2016, with deliveries set to begin in 2019. As is well known, nothing came of it, but in December 2021, the first two long-awaited Eurofighters for Kuwait arrived at their new base, Al Salem. About three months later, the duo became a quartet: on March 29, two more Kuwaiti typhoons landed in Al Salem – after previously taking off from the Italian airport in Turin-Kassel and escorted en route by tanker KC-767A by the Italian Air Force.

American F/A-18E/F Super Hortnet vs. Russian Su-30 Flanker C/G/H
AESA radar of F-18 Super Hornet | Photo credit: Wikipedia

AESA Radar and Meteor Missiles

All four aircraft delivered so far are two-seater Eurofighters. They are used to train and train Kuwaiti pilots of the new type. A total of six of the 28 aircraft ordered will be examples with a tandem cabin. Kuwaiti Eurofighters are coming out of their final assembly at Leonardo in Italy and, thanks to the P3E [Phase 3 Enhancement] standard, are technically the latest trend in Eurofighter development.

The equipment includes state-of-the-art Captor-E AESA radar [ECRS Mk 0], a general avionics update, and a complete package of weapons. In addition to the new European long-range Meteor air-to-air missile, this includes the Brimstone 2 anti-tank missile and the Storm Shadow cruise missiles. There is also a single-barreled Mauser BK-27 on-board gun with a caliber of 27 millimeters, which can fire up to 1700 rounds per minute.

Premiere of the national holiday

Kuwaiti Eurofighters have already made their first public appearance. At the end of February, the first two planes took part in the air parade for the national holiday of the Emirates. A look that, by his own admission, made Guido Cibona, who is in charge of the Eurofighter program in Leonardo, “very proud”. The fleet is now expanding as planned, and the new aircraft will give Kuwait’s air defenses an impressive boost in capabilities. “The Eurofighters we developed and produced for the Kuwaiti Air Force are the most advanced in the entire Typhoon program,” said Sibona.

Kuwait gets bests Eurofighters - Meteor AAM, Captor-E AESA, 27mm Mauser
Photo credit: Juergen Zbikowski

In addition to the aircraft themselves, the agreement with Kuwait includes the development of infrastructure for on-site maintenance and training of pilots and technicians. The Italian Air Force is responsible for this.


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