US ordered next-gen spy SUUV – 4K HD video, gap-filling sonar

WASHINGTON — The US Navy has ordered an unmanned underwater vehicle [UUV] Remus 300, which will begin production and testing in the first half of 2023, has learned. Remus 300 is part of the program for the next generation of small unmanned underwater vehicles [SUUV] that the fleet will have in the coming years.

US ordered next-gen spy SUUV - 4K HD video, gap-filling sonar
Photo credit: Naval Technology

The contract was signed on March 18 this year, and the manufacturer of Rumes 300 Huntington Ingalls Industries [HII] announced the news in a press release on March 30.

The contract includes the production and delivery of multiple UUVs, training, integration into the fleet, spare parts for production hardware, and engineering support services. recalls that two years ago the Pentagon commissioned, through the Department of Defense Innovation, to develop a similar device that would meet the requirements of the US Navy for next-generation submarine drones.

Huntington Ingalls Industries says that despite the shortened deadlines, they have managed to produce the necessary prototypes in these two years and successfully pass all the evaluations. The United States must acquire the first Remus 300 in 2023.

US ordered next-gen spy SUUV - 4K HD video, gap-filling sonar
Photo credit: Twitter

Rumes 300 UUV

The original developer of Remus 300 is the Norwegian company Hydroid, which in 2020 was acquired by Huntington Ingalls Industries and thus became a subsidiary of HII. Initially, Remus 300 was developed as a civilian commercial product, later the military found another application – intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance [ISR].

The US Navy will use Remus 300 for its intended purpose – intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, mine action, search and recovery, marine archeology, hydrographic commissioning, anti-submarine warfare, and more.

Remus 300 has an integrated unmanned marine autonomous architecture, which will allow easier updating or adding new solutions in the future. The drone weighs 56 kg, but this is a standard size. Depending on the mission, the drone can be reconfigured and change its weight – from 45 to 67 kg. The operational depth to which the drone can dive is 305 meters.

US ordered next-gen spy SUUV - 4K HD video, gap-filling sonar
Photo credit: Defense Daily

Remus 300 has dual-frequency sonar with a resolution of up to 5 cm, NBOSI conductivity and temperature sensor [CT], and depth sensor TE Connectivity. Additionally, there are integrated other sensors and devices, such as a 2G Robotics 4K HD camera with a high-intensity LED light strip, a Seabird Scientific Eco Puck Triplet environmental sensor, and a Klein MA-X sonar that fills the gaps.

The drone has an integrated commercial and military navigation system iXblue Phins C3 [INS], as well as a commercial or optional military system for global positioning Garmin [GPS]. It is powered by a DC brushless motor and has a blade for tilt and tilt control. Depending on the battery, it can last underwater for 10, 20, or 30 hours. The recharging time for lithium-ion batteries is between 12 and 18 hours.


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