US sends to Ukraine 70mm APKWS missiles, Puma UAVs, and HMMWVs

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Congress had been notified of a new package of military aid to Ukraine. For the first time, it includes “laser-guided missiles”, learned, citing Defense 24. The total value of the new package will be up to $ 300 million.

US sends to Ukraine 70mm APKWS missiles, Puma UAVs, and HMMWVs
Photo credit: Defence & Security Monitor

Here’s what the new delivery from Washington to Kyiv includes:

  • Laser-guided missiles – although their type is not specified, they are most likely 70 mm APKWS missiles. Although these missiles are designed as air-to-ground weapons [for airplanes, helicopters, and UAVs], they can also be fired from the ground, including 4×4 light vehicles. They have a range of up to 5 km and can hit various ground targets such as armored personnel carriers or light fortifications;
  • Switchblade drones – this is another batch of American circulating ammunition that will be delivered to the Ukrainian army. The lighter Switchblade 300 has a range of 10 km and a flight duration of 15 minutes, while the heavier Switchblade 600 has a range of 80 km and a flight duration of 40 minutes. Both are manufactured by AeroVironment and have been in operation relatively recently;
  • Puma unmanned aerial vehicles – light reconnaissance vehicles, weighing several kg and with a range of 20 to 60 km, depending on the configuration;
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Systems [C-UAS];
  • HMMWV armored vehicles;
  • “Non-standard” ammunition of different types, maybe post-Soviet systems;
  • machine guns, without specifying which ones;
  • Commercial satellite imagery services;
  • Spare parts, field, and medical equipment;
  • Thermal, optical equipment, night vision equipment, and secure connectivity.

According to the Pentagon, the total value of military aid that the United States decided to provide during the Biden administration has exceeded $ 2.3 billion, most of which came after the start of full-scale Russian aggression.

Humvee armored vehicle will receive a new hybrid version
Photo credit: iStock

In addition to the aforementioned equipment, there are, among other things, Javelin anti-tank kits, Stinger anti-aircraft guns, and anti-tank grenade launchers.


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