Spain’s Guardia Civil buys MZ-4P – the Israeli clone of AR15

MADRID, ($1=0.91 Euros) — After several delays, the Guardia Civil has made the decision to procure an assault rifle, learned, citing Soldat&Technik.

Spain's Guardia Civil buys MZ-4P - the Israeli clone of AR15
Photo credit: The Armfire Blog

According to a statement from Guardian Defense & Homeland Security, the Spanish distribution partner of the Israeli small arms manufacturer Emtan Karmiel, the agency decided in mid-March on the MZ-4P rifle. The paramilitary organized police, which performs both military and civilian police tasks, had recently canceled an ongoing tender without a winner in March 2021.

The Guardia Civil intended to procure around 7,000 5.56mm x 45 caliber assault rifles by the end of 2024 for some of its 80,000 members. As early as February 2020, the competition for awarding 8,000 weapons with the same requirement profile was canceled. In contrast to the previous tenders, according to Spanish media reports, a fairly broad range of bidders was represented in the award, which now ended with an award.

According to reports, however, only FN Herstal with the Scar-L STD and Emtan Karmiel with the MZ-4P were approved. What is interesting in this context is the early elimination of Heckler & Koch with the G36 KV, which the Guardia Civil already has in stock and was last procured in 2019. According to sources familiar with the process, the price was the deciding factor in the Israeli manufacturer’s AR15 clone. According to media reports, the net price of the successful bid was around 850 euros, which, given a budget of 4.9 million euros excluding taxes, means that 5,800 rifles can be equipped.

According to the manufacturer, the weapon, referred to by Emtan Karmiel as the MZ-4 Piston the rifle has an 11.5″ tube length, but also offers a 14.5″ tube length version, which is hard chrome-plated and comes from its own production. A continuous Picatinny rail allows the mounting of numerous optical and optronic devices, as well as lights, lasers, and vertical foregrips on the elements on the forearm.

Spain's Guardia Civil buys MZ-4P - the Israeli clone of AR15
Photo credit: The Firearm Blog

The main features of MZ-4 11.5″ are caliber 5.56×45 NATO standard, a total length of 795 mm, weight of 2.7 kg, cartridge Stanag-30, aluminum construction 7075 T6 Forging, fire speed 700-950 rpm, safe and semi-automatic mode.

The acquisition of the MZ-4P is Emtan Karmiel’s second success in less than a year on the Spanish market. In August 2021, the pistol model Ramon prevailed against an equally strong international field of bidders. The Civil Guard plans to procure up to 6,000 handguns with a firing pin lock and polymer grip.


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