American UAV releases toxic mosquitoes spreading bioagents

PANAGYURISHTE, ($1=1.77 Bulgarian Levs) — The war in Ukraine and the Russian invasion, as well as the fear of using chemical or nuclear weapons, are things that either excite the human imagination or suppress one’s mental activity for fear of not understanding something that no one would like.

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In this regard, decided to check what extravagant weapon technologies would appear in our daily lives by making a quick check in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. came across a patent from 2015 for the toxic mosquito aerial release system.

The name of the inventor mentioned in the patent is S. Mill Calvert, Manassas, VA [US], and the applicant are TMARS Associates, Trustee for Toxic mosquito aerial release system CRT Trust, Manassas, VA [US]. The patent is dated March 3, 2015.

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Patent #US 8,967,029 B1 dated March 3, 2015

In short: it is a patented unmanned aerial vehicle [drone or UAV], which is basically a device for air release of mosquitoes, which can be performed remotely – both drone control and mosquito release.

The patent still says, we quote verbatim: “It car is a container holding a central processing unit and a mosquito breeding bin, which is a self-contained Volume housing mosquitoes and a mosquito food having a toxin Suitable to be transmitted by mosquito bite after the mosquito consumes the mosquito food.”

According to the presentation of the product in the patent document, the introduction very clearly directs us to its possible future use. Here is what is said verbatim in the background notes: “Governments have sought after weapons that can be used to deliver chemicals, viral and bacteriological Substances for lethal and non-lethal administration to assembled masses of people. Non-lethal uses typically include peacekeeping operations, for use in actions not considered “military operations” and against terrorists or state actors in war. In this sense, such weapons can be used to control both armed enemies and civilians. Not all uses of Such weapons are prohibited by the treaty. The present invention is capable of delivering lethal and non-lethal toxins, including any agent that can be carried and administered by a mosquito.”

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In which category does patent Patent #US 8,967,029 B1 fall?

Although by now you should know exactly which category this patent falls into, will not make assumptions, but will explain to you what the abbreviations of the attached document in point 51 of the patent mean:

  • B64D 1 is a category of Dropping, ejecting, or releasing articles;
  • F41H 13 is a category of Means of attack or defense not otherwise provided for;
  • A01K 67 is a category of Rearing or breeding invertebrates; New breeds of invertebrates;
  • A01K 5 is a category Feeding device for stock or game; Feeding wagons; Feeding stacks;
  • B64C 39 is an Aircraft category not otherwise provided for characterized by special use of the remote-controlled vehicle type, i.e. RPV

Military purpose

The product presented in Patent #US 8,967,029 B1 may have a different purpose – military and civilian, as the civilian is strongly focused on medical purposes.

 American UAV releases toxic mosquitoes spreading bioagents
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The use for military purposes means that with the power of the mosquito to fly unnoticed, it is possible to integrate military technology. As the patent says, “with this new technology, insects can now be more important than individual immunizations either from tanks or laser targeting bombs”.

But that’s not all. The patent says that in this way there is no obstacle for toxin-infected mosquitoes to multiply and to constantly increase the army of these deadly insects. Mosquitoes will fly over the enemy, they will bite them, and while the enemy is scratching his arm, face, legs, or another part of the body bitten by a mosquito, he will not realize that he is poisoned. More deadly than a bullet, isn’t it? does not know whether this product is currently being developed under patent #US 8,967,029 B1.

Read the full patent documents here and here.


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