Canada has decided to buy 5th-Gen F-35 Lightning II – sources

OTTAWA, ($1=1.25 Canadian Dollars) — The Canadian government has made its final decision on the purchase of fighter jets, which has been dragging on for years. Canada’s preferred F-35 Lightning II, learned, citing

Photo credit: The Aviation Geek Club

According to sources speaking to the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, Canada made its choice in favor of the F-35 as part of its $19 billion fighter jet purchase plan. An official announcement is expected very soon.

Thus, Canada’s adventure of purchasing fighter jets, which lasted for about 6 years, will result in Lockheed Martin. Deliveries of the new warplanes are expected to begin in 2025 if negotiations are successful.

If the negotiations are not successful, Canada’s second choice will be Swedish Saab, the manufacturer of the Gripen warplanes.

Canada is expected to procure a total of 88 F-35s with a budget of $15 billion. Canada is also acting as an international partner in the F-35 program. The partners of the program include the USA, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Denmark, and Canada.

Brazil's JAS 39 Gripen receives multi-domain MANET datalinks
Photo credit: SAAB

Canada has been known to buy the F-35 for many years, but when Prime Minister Trudeau took office in 2015, he promised not to buy the F-35 because it was “too expensive”, but had to change his position over the years.

Plans to purchase new warplanes, which started in 2010, could only end in 2022. It is now almost certain that Canada will replace its obsolete F-18 fighter jets with F-35s.

Canada rejected F-18 SH

As we reported on December 2 2021, Canada has given up on the acquisition of the Boeing F / A-18 Super Hornet, according to an official statement from the government in Ottawa.

The Government of Canada announced that the following evaluation of the proposals submitted, two bidders remain eligible under the Future Fighter Capability Project competitive procurement process,” the statement from Public Services and Procurement Canada reads.

Canada rejected F-18 SH, the choice is between JAZ-39E and F-35
Photo credit: Boeing

Canada needs to replace its existing CF-18 Hornet air fleet. The decision to abandon the F / A-18 Super Hornet is quite surprising given the repeated requests for what Canadian society would receive if a Boeing product was chosen.

There is no clear reason why Ottawa refused to acquire the Super Hornets. Boeing has tried in recent years to give a clear perspective on the benefits of Canadian society. The company was expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in Canada and invest billions of US dollars in the Canadian economy. Separately, Boeing compared the price of an hour’s flight between their fighter jet and that of Lockheed Martin’s competitors. According to Boeing, the value of the Super Hornet is approximately $ 18,000 for fiscal 2020, compared to $ 33,600 for the F-35A.


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