Germany may buy the Israeli Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor

BERLIN, ($1=0.91 Euros) — Germany is looking to acquire the high-tech exoatmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile system Arrow 3, which is co-produced between Israel and the United States. According to the German publication Bild, the Social Democratic Party, which has a majority in the ruling coalition, does not rule out such a purchase in the future.

Germany may buy the Israeli Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor
Photo credit: The Times of Israel

The reason Berlin looks at Arrow 3 is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We need to defend ourselves better against the Russian threat. That’s why we need a German-scale missile shield quickly,” Bundestag rapporteur for the defense budget Andreas Schwartz told Bild. According to Bildt, no decision has yet been made to buy the missile system, but the party behind Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in favor. Schwartz added in his speech to Bild that Arrow 3 was a “good solution.”

The war in Ukraine has forced Germany to consider better combat capability. recalls that only weeks ago, as we reported, Berlin was turning its attention to the latest version of the Patriot with the promising radar of the latest generation GhostEye [formerly known as LTAMDS]. Moreover, Germany is ready to abandon the co-developed with the United States ground-mobile air and missile defense system MEADS [Medium Extended Air Defense System] to get the latest version of Patriot.

Arrow 3 and Patriot

That’s why the eventual acquisition of Arrow 3 sounds completely logical. Berlin will be able to build an excellent anti-aircraft dome against medium-range and long-range missiles, as well as against hypersonic or ballistic missiles, if it decides to acquire the Patriot GhostEye and Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor. Bild recalls that Arrow 3 is a system inspired by the success and functionality of the Iron Dome – the Israeli system that has a 90% success rate against short- and medium-range missiles.

Germany may buy the Israeli Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor
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According to German experts, Arrow 3 will be able to cover the skies over Germany’s and NATO’s neighboring partner and allied countries – Poland, Romania, and the Baltic states.

Arrow 3 ABM interceptor

Israel [IAI] and the United States [Boeing] co-financed and developed the exosphere hypersonic anti-ballistic missile interceptor Arrow 3. Ballistic missiles fly in space during their stay above the ground. Arrow 3 must intercept and destroy ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missiles at the very moment they are in the exosphere. Arrow 3 reaches a maximum flight altitude of 2,400 cm. The rocket has an integrated divert motor that pivots the rocket to avoid a collision with a satellite. For this reason, the Israeli Ministry of Defense believes that Arrow 3 can also be used as an anti-satellite missile system.

Germany may buy the Israeli Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Arrow 3 has an Inertial navigation system [INS] gimbaled seeker. The rocket also has a Steering system thrust vectoring. It can be launched from rapid launch fortified underground silos. The missile has been in production since 2017, and in addition to its possible acquisition by Germany, Azerbaijan [besides Israel] is the other missile user, ordering two units of this system to protect itself from Iranian missiles.


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