Turkey: ‘Ukraine will not join NATO, S-400s remain in Turkey’

DOHA, ($1=3.64 Qatari Riyals) — Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made a series of last-minute statements at the Doha Forum on the Ukraine-Russia war and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing savunmasanayist.com.

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He held separate meetings with Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, former president of the Munich Security Conference Foundation, his Qatari and Mexican counterparts, and former US Secretary of State and Climate Special Representative John Kerry.

Ukraine war

Mevlut Cavusoglu: “We are mediators and we must be neutral at this point. It would not be right to comment. Our job is to help both sides solve this problem. Ultimately, Zelenski and Putin will decide. We want to bring them together.

Ukraine has realized that it is not a member of NATO and will not become one. Many members oppose the membership of Ukraine and Georgia. Ukraine clearly understood this. Ukraine has no chance to choose between the West and Russia. There must be a balanced policy. We are also members of NATO. We are working with Russia on very difficult issues. Ukraine also needs to pursue a more balanced policy.

The current situation affects us all. We have excellent relations with both sides. We have signed a free trade agreement with Ukraine. There are two partner countries here. This situation affects everyone, not just us. We need to find a solution as soon as possible.”

S-400 SAMs in Ukraine

Mevlut Cavusoglu: “The S400 has already arrived in Turkey. Someone said that the S400 should be given to Ukraine. This is out of the question. Does Turkey need more air defense systems? Of course, it does. If we can’t get them from our allies, we will turn to other sources. We can now produce more than 70 percent of our defense needs. We will also have an air defense system. In this context, we are still working on other alternatives.

Our President met with his French and Italian counterparts. Now, these two countries are a little more serious about the idea of ​​joint production in Turkey or selling their air defense systems in our country.

We consider each subsequent option. However, our first choice is always our allies. Our country is a sovereign state and we must provide for our needs. Our first priority is Europe, but what will we do if our allies do not sell?”

Crimea and Donbass

Mevlut Cavusoglu: “Situation and problem that still needs to be clarified. There is rapprochement, but both sides need to be much more detailed in their demands. Donbas and Crimea are very sensitive issues. As the war continues, negotiations continue. If the agreement is created, a more positive environment is created.”

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Turkey and NATO

Mevlut Cavusoglu: “I wish you could see Turkey’s contribution to NATO before this event. Turkey is always in the top 5 in terms of NATO activities. We are NATO allies. There are different opinions among NATO members. There have always been differences of opinion on Russia’s joint declarations or responses. But Turkey is a solid ally in NATO and will continue to contribute. We have contributed to more than 90 percent of NATO members.

Now we have seen that we are more united as a whole. That’s what President Biden said. We have seen this solidarity with our own eyes.”


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