US is sending Ukraine its own Cold War-bought Soviet SAM systems

WASHINGTON — The American online portal The Week reports that the administration of US President Joe Biden has begun sending old Soviet anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine from its own stockpiles.

US is sending Ukraine its own Cold War-bought Soviet SAM systems
Photo credit: TASS

Peter Weber, an author of The Week, says “Biden was authorized to give Ukraine and NATO allies weapons systems from secret Soviet stockpiles under the annual spending bill.” reminds us that the bill on expenses was recently signed by the American president, after which he informed Congress about it.

According to The Wall Street Journal and a source quoted by the publication, although Ukraine has an old Soviet S-300, Kyiv needs more such systems, at least because they will start working with them immediately. The Wall Street Journal says that Ukraine’s desire to have a no-fly zone can be realized precisely by obtaining S-300 anti-aircraft systems.

Journal writes that the United States has already provided Ukraine with Soviet S-300, as well as Stinger missiles. reminds us that S-300 is an air defense system that operates at medium and long-range against fighter jets and air missiles. Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile systems are used to counter helicopters and low-flying aircraft.

US Stinger air defense system 'sting' more seriously than the Russian 'needle'
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Secret warehouses of the USA

Peter Weber writes in his article that the United States has secret warehouses that contain purchased old Soviet weapons systems. According to Weber, the purchases began in 1991, when the collapse of the Soviet Union began.

The main goal was for American engineers and the military to study Soviet weapons systems so that they could be used in training the US military. It is these weapon systems from these warehouses are currently being sent to Ukraine, writes The Wall Street Journal.

US is sending Ukraine its own Cold War-bought Soviet SAM systems
Photo credit: The Drive recalls that the world learned about the existence of Soviet air defense systems in the United States nearly three years ago when in 2019 satellite images were posted on social networks, which show the deployment of S-300PT air defense system on American soil. The United States has never denied this fact and even then confirmed that the system is used for the training and education of the US military.

Slovakia agrees in principle to give its S-300 to Ukraine

The Slovak government has agreed in principle to provide its Soviet S-300 systems for Ukraine’s needs, but on the condition that they are replaced by US Patriot air defense systems.

The United States is still silent on this issue. The only thing they did was ask NATO allies [Germany and the Netherlands] to deploy their air defense systems in Slovakia, thus strengthening the defense of the Alliance’s eastern flank.

Four days ago, the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Jaroslav Naď, stated that “the Patriot systems will be a supplement, not a replacement for the Soviet-era S-300 systems”.

Russia has threatened a possible supply of Slovak S-300s to Ukraine

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Any arms supply to Ukraine will be seen by Russia as a “legitimate target,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on March 18th [Friday].

Lavrov said that if Bratislava decides to provide its S-300s to Ukraine, the Russian armed forces and the Air Force will attack “this supply chain” without giving further details. Lavrov said Moscow would “not allow” the transfer of Slovak S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine.


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