US orders NMESIS – Kongsberg AShMs, remotely UGV, Oshkosh chassis

WASHINGTON — The US Department of Defense has signed a $21 million contract with Raytheon Missiles & Defense for production representative models of NMESIS Naval Assault Missile [NSM] Launcher Unit [NLU] and Weapon Control System [WCS].

US orders NMESIS - Kongsberg AShMs, remotely UGV, Oshkosh chassis
Photo credit: Armada International

NMESIS is a land-based missile launch platform that provides the anti-ship capability to Navy fleets. NMESIS integrates 1 launcher unit [NLU] capable of launching 2 Naval Assault Missiles [NSM] into a remotely operated ground unit for the expeditionary strike group. The Launcher Unit [NLU] is controlled by the WCS located externally in a command and control vehicle. Work under the contract is expected to be completed in April 2023.

As reported by Breaking Defense, NMESIS is capable of using the anti-ship missile made by Kongsberg, a remotely operated control system called ROGUE-Fires, and the modified chassis of an unmanned Oshkosh Defense JLTV.

In August 2021, a demonstration of the Naval Expeditionary Ship Inhibition System [NMESIS] took place during the US Navy’s large-scale exercise off the Hawaiian coast of Kauai. Joe McPherson, long-range shooting program manager at Marine Corps Systems Command, stated that the US marines fired twice during the exercise and a decommissioned ship was successfully hit. In addition, NMESIS loading and unloading exercises were carried out on the C-130 aircraft during the exercise.

US orders NMESIS - Kongsberg AShMs, remotely UGV, Oshkosh chassis
Photo credit: Marine Corps Time

The Pentagon has allocated a budget of $25 million for NMESIS in fiscal 2020. “Before NMESIS, the United States did not have a land-based anti-ship weapon,” said Billy Fabian, vice president of strategy at data analytics firm Govini. “NMESIS is the first system to do this, but has great capacity,” he also said.


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