Turkey acquires Pars IV 6×6 APC – ballistic, mine, and IED protection

ANKARA, ($1=14.77 Turkish Lirsa) — According to a statement made by FNSS [Turkey’s recognized land systems company] on social media, the Pars IV 6×6 S-Ops Personnel Carrier Vehicle’s endurance tests have reached the final stage.

Turkey acquires Pars IV 6x6 APC - ballistic, mine, and IED protection
Photo credit: FNSS

Pars IV 6×6 S-Ops APC will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2022 in the first batch of 12 units. The FNSS statement said that the “Pars IV 6 × 6 endurance tests had reached the final stage. Pars IV 6 × 6 will be the vehicle with the highest mobility in the class of mine-protected vehicles [MKKA in Turkish].”

The survival infrastructure, which includes fire capabilities for special operations, effective improvised explosive device [IED] protection, high mine, and ballistic protection, has been designed with new mission technology equipment. Designed and developed by FNSS with national resources, the vehicle has a unique modular bumper structure. It complements the passive protection elements thanks to the integrated EYP kit and the anti-RPG network, which can be easily disassembled and installed by the user.

What was tested

The MKKA project started in 2019. In its essence, the following tasks were performed: all tests of the vehicle were performed by FNSS. In addition to its own test site, the company conducted tests with the Turkish Armed Forces on Turkish military training grounds, as well as internationally accredited testing centers.

Turkey acquires Pars IV 6x6 APC - ballistic, mine, and IED protection
Photo credit: FNSS

The vehicle has been tested against high-level mine threats set out in survival standards, as well as IEDs and ballistic threats from all directions. All supersonic warning acoustic systems, the active mixing / blinding system, 360-degree dual-use mortars, and the CBRN system were also tested. They are already integrated on the Pars IV 6×6 S-Ops APC.

Armament in Pars IV 6 × 6 S-Ops APC

Following the tactical needs of special operations, the PARS IV 6 × 6 special operations vehicle has “two independent SANCAK UKK systems” developed by FNSS. Three different types of weapons [7.62 mm, 12.7 mm machine gun, and 40 mm grenade launcher] can be used in the towers, which can be easily changed by the user when needed. The vehicle provides surveillance and twice as effective firepower against threats that may appear from different directions simultaneously from anywhere or from high points.

Vehicle mission equipment includes high-tech systems, including simultaneous, safe, and continuous communication between subordinates and superiors, high situational awareness, effective command, and control, at the level of one vehicle or autonomously, through the participation of many vehicles.

Turkey acquires Pars IV 6x6 APC - ballistic, mine, and IED protection
Photo credit: FNSS

With its powerful engine, seven front and two rear gears, the vehicle, which is the most powerful in its class, also provides excellent road behavior in different terrains and road conditions with its independent height-adjustable suspension. The PARS IV 6×6, which has an all-wheel drive and a rotating system, has an extremely low turning circle in its class and high maneuverability in the residential area.

The FNSS says the final stage is imminent and the PARS IV 6×6 special operations vehicle will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. Thus, the new generation of the 6×6 class war machine will enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.


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