Egypt receives the latest Boeing’s F-15 – the Advanced Eagle

WASHINGTON — Egypt will be persuaded and will receive the requested 4th generation F-15 Eagle fighters, has learned, citing a statement by General Frank Mackenzie, commander of the US Central Command [USCENTCOM]. Mackenzie made the statement during a session of the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, DC.

US to supply latest Boeing's F-15 to Egypt - the Advanced Eagle
Photo credit: Military Today

According to the online portal for defense, security, and intelligence Janes, Cairo will most likely acquire the latest version of Boeing’s flagship – Advanced Eagle. reminded us that the same fighter option has already been agreed and sold to Saudi Arabia as the F-15SA, Qatar as the F-15QA, and the US Air Force [USAF] as the F-15EX, as well as Indonesia, but with the designation F-15ID.

General Mackenzie said in a statement that the process and talks on the deal had not been easy and had come a long way in reaching Cairo’s agreement to increase its airspace through the acquisition of the Boeing F-15. “In the case of Egypt, I think we have good news that we will provide them with an F-15,” the general said.

F-15 Advanced Eagle

The F-15 Advanced Eagle is not a new fighter, but a completely revamped F-15 Eagle. There are significant differences between the story and the new version of the Boeing flagship and they are mainly:

US to supply latest Boeing's F-15 to Egypt - the Advanced Eagle
Photo credit: Military Today

Advanced Eagle can carry many more missiles, not only compared to the old version but also compared to the F-22 Raptor or F-35 Lightning II. Advanced Eagle has two additional wing support points integrated, thus increasing the fighter’s armament capacity with a total of 16 air-to-air missiles, most commonly the AIM-120 AMRAAM.

Advanced Eagle can carry four AIM-9X Sidewinder short-range missiles and two AFM-88 HARM anti-radiation missiles. Boeing has also provided space for a total of 24 small-diameter bombs, a single GBU-31 or GBU-32 Joint Direct Attack Ammunition (JDAM), or two AGM-88 HARM anti-radiation missiles to carry out more accurate airstrikes.

The operational range of the Boeing’s Advanced Eagle can be increased at the request of the customer, as manufacturers have provided an option to integrate external fuel tanks.

F-15 Advanced Eagle sensors

Boeing has also made a major update on the aircraft’s software and hardware systems. The sensors are a key component for the impact power of the F-15 Advanced Eagle, so Boeing has integrated Talon HATE sensors. In addition to this suite of sensors featuring infrared search and tracking detectors, they allow the F-15 Advanced Eagle to receive sensor data from the F-22 Raptor if they perform a joint mission.

The F-15 Advanced Eagle has an integrated electronic warfare system, as well as a brand new pilot’s helmet with additional features and display capabilities. The F-15 Advanced Eagle is powered by two General Electric F110-129 turbofan engines.


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