Russia’s Kornet-D1 ATGM uses an FAE warhead and hits two targets

MOSCOW, ($1=134.50 Russian Rubles) — Russia has conducted field tests of the Kornet-D1 anti-tank guided missile system [ATGM] platform developed for the Russian Airborne Forces, learned, citing According to the available information, the tests performed are the final stage of the development of the system before entering serial production.

Photo credit: DefenceTurk

Citing a report by Russia’s state-owned Rostec Defense Holding, TASS reported that the Kornet-D1 ATGM, based on the BMD-4M Airborne ZMA chassis designed for Russia’s airborne forces, had reached the final stage of firing tests. “The vehicle is in the final stages of shooting tests and has already reached the stage of laboratory and road tests,” said a statement from the Russian concern Rostec.

According to previous statements by TASS, the Kornet-D1 anti-tank missile system can hit two different targets simultaneously and fire automatically. The system, developed for two types of carriers, can be mounted on Tiger-M and BMD-4M armored vehicles.

Russia's Kornet-D1 ATGM uses an FAE warhead and hits two targets
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Kornet-D1 ATGM

The guided anti-tank missile system Kornet, which replaced the rope missiles 9K111 Fagot and 9K113 Competition, fired from a base of a vehicle and a tripod in the inventory of the Russian army, entered service with the Russian army in 1994. It is stated that the system tanks and other armored targets, including jet armored vehicles, are effective against ground targets as well as against helicopters and UAVs.

The system, which had a range of 5.5 kilometers in its previous versions, reached 10 kilometers with the Kornet-D1 version. Each assigned target can be tracked separately from the rocket using the skip and forget function. In addition, the operator can update the target during the flight of the rocket.

The ATGM employs 9M133M Kornet-M missiles in both Tandem-HEAT or thermobaric warhead variants [also called a fuel-air explosive – FAE]. The Kornet-D1, which can pierce 1100-1300 mm RHA equivalent armor, reinforced with jet armor with its tandem HEAT warhead, is capable of firing missiles at 2 different targets at intervals of less than 1 second. In addition, the launcher, which can launch these 2 missiles at one target at the same time, aims to overcome active defense systems with this feature.

Russia's Kornet-D1 ATGM uses an FAE warhead and hits two targets
Photo credit: Wikipedia

If two missiles are fired at one target at short intervals, the first missile activates the tank’s active defense system, while the second missile reaches the target.


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