Indonesia gets Kaplan MT tanks – 105mm Cockerill cannon and LWS

JAKARTA, ($1=14,315.35 Indonesian Rupiahs) — The Kaplan MT Medium Class Tank, developed by Turkey’s FNSS, is now available for use by the Indonesian Army, learned, citing DefenceTurk. In this context, a ceremony will be held on Tuesday, March 15 at the FNSS Trinity.

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Kaplan MT, which was developed within the scope of the project in which FNSS successfully applied the technology transfer model to PT Pindad and started mass production after the successful completion of the prototype period tests, is being delivered to the Indonesian Army. After the ceremony to be held at FNSS facilities on March 15, Kaplan MTs will depart for Indonesia.

The Kaplan MT Project is Turkey’s first export contract in the Medium Weight Tank Class, as well as the first project initiated and concluded within the framework of the Defense Industry Cooperation Agreements signed between Indonesia and Turkey.

Under the contract, 18 Kaplan MT tanks will be produced, the first 10 tanks will be produced in Turkey and the remaining 8 tanks will be produced in Indonesia.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Kaplan MT Medium Class Tank

Developed by FNSS, the precise direct fire capability of the Kaplan MT provides the vehicle with the required striking power along with its superior tactical and strategic mobility. The electronically controlled power group and suspension system located behind the tank give the vehicle high mobility in all kinds of ground and climatic conditions.

Kaplan MT takes its advanced mobility from its 6-wheel suspension system based on double pin tracks and torsion shafts. It is a tank that successfully combines its adaptability to the terrain and superior driving control features, especially in mountainous, high rough terrain conditions where it would be difficult for main battle tanks to enter, and on roads with low-carrying bridges.

The power unit of the tank is equipped with a high-capacity cooling unit and fuel tanks. The cooling of the cooling unit by intelligent software provides optimum torque efficiency and fuel savings, while two separate fuel tanks in the vehicle offer a minimum operating range of 450 kilometers. The backup power unit, on the other hand, charges the battery system and enables the tower in the vehicle to be used when the vehicle’s engine is not running. The tank’s advanced battery monitoring system offers optimal power management and silent surveillance capabilities.

Kaplan MT characteristics

A diesel engine and an automatic transmission are the heart of the tank. A crew of 3 manages the whole process. The power/weight ratio of the Kaplan MT tank is> 22 Hp/ton, and its total weight, together with armament and combat payload, is 30,000 kg.

Photo credit: John Cockerill

The tank has integrated electro-optical 360 ° systems for situational awareness, wireless internal communication system, as well as positioning and navigation system. Kaplan MT has a laser warning system [LWS].

The tank has built-in ballistic protection combined with additional armor Stanag 4569. Protection from mines Stanag 4569 is installed on the floor of the tank. The separately armored vehicle has an automatic fire extinguishing system, fog mortars, and an active protection system.

On the turret of the tank there is a 105mm CMI Cockerill 3105 cannon and two machine guns – one 7.62mm, the other 12.7mm. The maximum speed that the tank can reach is 70 km / h, and with a full tank of fuel, it can travel 450 km.


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