Sweden offers India APCs, FRCVs, FICVs and tanks on CV90 platform

STOCKHOLM, ($1=9.67 Swedish Kronas) — The Swedish division of the British company BAE Systems – BAE Systems Hägglunds is ready to offer the Indian government an easy solution to many of the tasks that New Delhi has to solve in the field of Indian ground forces. India wants to renew its fleet with modern armored vehicles.

BAE Systems will provide support to 144 Norwegian CV90 BMPs
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Swedes are offering India everything they want, such as light tanks, medium tanks, Future Infantry Combat Vehicle [FICV], and Future Ready Combat Vehicle [FRCV] using the BAE Systems CV90 platform. In this way, the many requirements of the Indian Army will be met, said Darren Restarik, Regional Sales Director of BAE Systems Hägglunds and platform manager for BvS10 and Beowulf.

In an interview with the publication, Jane Restaric said: “You have three platforms [requirements]. Under the rules of the Defense Acquisition Procedure [DAP] 2020, you will have three times the cost of technology transfer, development, supply and maintenance, and training. This is not a little money, complexity, or time. And what we’re saying is that we have a base platform that can meet all three capabilities with a modular armored system and interchangeable towers. You can then have a light tank, a medium tank FRCV and FICV with one chassis, supply chain logistics, simulation support, and training [for all requirements].”

Sweden offers Slovakia high tactical, anti-tank 5th-gen CV90 vehicles
Photo credit: BAE Systems

BulgariaMilitary.com reminds us that India has invested significant funds in defense in recent years, especially in the “Made in India” program. This means that if BAE Systems is the solution to India’s ground defense challenges, the company will have to comply with the condition that a significant proportion of armored vehicles be made in India. Several countries are already working on this formula – Russia, France, the United States.

CV90 platform

CV90 is a basic platform on which some of the most famous, effective, and combat-ready armored vehicles of the British company are built, such as fifth-generation combat-proven IFV CV90 MkIV, CV90 IFV, main battle tank CV90, armored personnel carrier CV90 Armadillo and CV90 Adaptive battle tank with camouflage state-of-the-art technology.

As the base platform, the CV90 provides mobility and flexibility for all of the listed vehicles, making it one of the favorites in the industry. The platform has the advantage of offering excellent performance in some of the most difficult terrains of military action. It can be easily transported – air, land, and sea.

Photo credit: BAE Systems/YouTube

The CV90 platform can offer Indians a variety of weapons options, fire control systems, surveillance, and intelligence systems. Last but not least, BAE Systems has been investing for years in improving the armor of armored vehicles so that they respond to the latest threats.

Sweden offers Slovakia high tactical, anti-tank 5th-gen CV90 vehicles
Photo credit: BAE Systems/YouTube

Last but not least – CV90 as a platform solution can be much cheaper for Indians, as BAE Systems not only help integrate the platform according to the needs of the army but also provide a full commitment to lifelong customer support on CV90.


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