Spain gets revolutionary 120mm M339 delay mode ammo for its tanks

MADRID, ($1=0.92 Euros) — The army has completed the delivery of new ammunition for Leopard 2E and Leopard 2A4 tanks from the Israeli company IMI Systems, which will increase the operational capabilities of the armored units, learned, citing InfoDefensa.

Spain gets revolutionary 120mm M339 delay mode ammo for its tanks
Photo credit: Emad

The acquisition process is managed by the Acquisition Directorate of the Army Logistics Support Command [MALE]. The model purchased is the 120mm HE-MP-T M339 Breakthrough War Shot, a high-explosive cartridge that can be operated by tanks.

These munitions provide, the military says, “an optimal and cost-effective solution for modern combat operations, in asymmetric military missions, both in open areas and in urban areas.” It can deal with various types of threats, such as enemies inside structures, buildings, bunkers, field fortifications, armored vehicles, or infantry units undercover or in the open, following NATO standards.

Photo credit: TopWar

More than 600 shots

The munitions can explode immediately, with a delay mode – after they hit the target – or in an air explosion. Each projectile has a useful life of 21 years and an immediate fuse.

The M339 is capable of penetrating 200mm double-reinforced concrete walls and operating the warhead with delay. The programmable, multifunctional fuze has three modes of operation: Point Detonation Delay [PDD], Point Detonation [PD], and Air Burst [AB].

The M339 complies with MIL-SPEC requirements and NATO STANAG 4385 and 4493. It is compatible with NATO 120mm smooth-bore guns, L44 and L55. The M339 is designed for use with Leopard 2A4/A5/A6, Ariete, K1A1/A2, K2, M1A1/A2, M60A3, Merkava 3 & 4, and other 120mm MBTs

Photo credit: TopWar

Battle tanks fleet

The ground forces operate a fleet of 240 Leopard 2E liner tanks, divided into the multi-purpose organic brigades of Extremadura, Guadarrama, Guzman el Bueno, and Aragon. It also has 108 Leopard 2A4 battle tanks. This plot was first leased from Germany in 1995 to train the crews of the future Leopard 2E and then purchased in 2006 through an agreement with the German government, for which Spain paid almost 17 million euros in annuities by 2016.

Since 2012, virtually half of the -53 battle tanks have been stored at the facilities of the Logistics Support Group № 41 [Aalog 41] in Zaragoza. Of these, the army is working to transform thirty into adapted platforms for its sapper units. The remaining fifty remained active in the cavalry regiments of the Ceuta and Melilla commands.


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