Spain donates to Ukraine C90 RPGs drilling 50 cm of armored steel

MADRID, ($1=0.91 Euros) — Spain will donate to Ukraine the locally produced 90 mm disposable, shoulder-fired, and one-man operated rocket-propelled grenade launcher [RPG] C90, has learned, citing InfoDefensa. This is a very effective system against armored vehicles and vehicles, in service with the Spanish army in various versions, manufactured by the Zaragoza-based company Instalaza.

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The Ministry of Defense has already started deliveries. Yesterday and today [March 4 and 5] on board four aircraft of the Spanish Air Force loaded a total of 1370 C90 RPG, which were part of the Spanish stock. He also sent machine guns and ammunition on board Spain. The C90 is designed for use by the ground forces and can use a variety of munitions [anti-tank, dual-purpose – against armor plus fragmentation -, against bunker or smoke] integrated into its disposable launch tube. The weight is about five kilograms with ammunition included. The weight allows relatively convenient transportation of the shoulder, hung on a belt or in a backpack.

The rocket is inside the tube, equipped with a rocket engine that drives it, and the effective range is about 400 meters. It is not clear at this time what ammunition model the C90 will carry. The C90 has a penetration capacity of 500 mm in armored steel and 1000 mm in concrete. The C90 deactivates an armored vehicle and also causes damage around it, where there are usually soldiers.

There is also a version of the CS90, which allows firing from inside buildings and enclosed spaces, including a cannon with anti-mass cannon, which slows down the exhaust gases.

Spain donates to Ukraine C90 RPGs drilling 50 cm of armored steel
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C90 is a disposable missile system designed to perform and quickly leave the battlefield. For example, a soldier can attack an armored column, drop his weapon, and leave the area without reloading. As it is disposable, it does not need maintenance or carrying additional ammunition.

With this shipment, Spain is following the line of other European countries, which have also provided grenade launchers and anti-tank missiles, weapons that are in high demand by the Ukrainian government, as it is most effective and useful to stop the advance of convoys of cars and armored vehicles. which the Russian army has been mobilizing in recent days.

Easy to use

The advantage of the C90 is that it is quite easy to use. Basically, all you have to do is place the pipe on your shoulder, look through the sight, remove the fuse and press the fire button. This feature is important. Defense Minister Margarita Robles, when announcing the delivery of the weapon last Wednesday, stressed that Spain would supply easy-to-handle material that could be used even by people with no experience in using the weapon. We must not forget that the Ukrainian resistance is made up of soldiers, but also civilians who have decided to take up arms and defend their country from invasion.

Belgium gets DND's multifunctional RGW90 with a HEAT/HESH warhead
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In the case of the C90, this premise is met. Its use does not require special training. In just a minute, anyone can learn to use it. The system is loaded during transport. There is special insurance for this phase, which prevents any accidents. In addition, the grenade fuse is not activated until the ammunition comes out of the pipe, about ten meters from the soldier.

The missile system was designed by Instalaza, a Zaragoza company that is an international benchmark in this type of weapon with more than 80 years of history. Only two other companies – one Swedish and one German – produce this type of weapon. The Spanish army signed a contract with Instalaza in 2021 for the supply of C90 in various versions for more than 22 million. The company has just signed another agreement with Estonia, which includes the supply of nearly 6,000 units of the anti-tank version of its defense forces.


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