Sweden buys 20 CV90 Mjоlner – a 120mm SPM with turret degree rotation

STOCKHOLM, ($1=9.74 Swedish Krona) — The Swedish supply authority Forsvarets materielverk [FMV] has ordered another 20 CV90 self-propelled mortars [SPM] from Hägglund Bofors. The vehicles worth approximately 47 million euros should be delivered between 2023 and 2025, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing FMV. In June 2021, the Swedish Armed Forces received a batch of 40 mortars, according to Soldat&Techik.

Sweden buys 20 CV90 Mjоlner - a 120mm SPM with degree rotation
Photo credit: Ny Teknik

According to sources, the CV90 Mjolner self-propelled mortar is a Swedish requirement for the integration of a new LSS Mark command support system and will be delivered by the Swedish company Saab.

More about CV90 Mjоlner

In Norse mythology, Mjоlner refers to Thor’s hammer, a terrible weapon that, according to legend, can even flatten mountains. The CV90 Mjоlner is a tower-based mortar installation equipped with two 120 mm cannon barrels. A slope of 45 – 85 degrees can effectively cover a large target area.

The tower with a 120 mm mortar can be rotated 30 degrees on both sides. The semi-automatic mortar is loaded and fired by the crew from the protected interior. The mortar is ready to fire within two minutes and is ready to move again one minute after the last shot. This high operational speed is additional protection for the four-member crew with a leader, commander, and two gunners.

The self-propelled mortar CV90 Mjоlner is a new product and has been in service in the Swedish army since recently – 2019. It weighs 22 tons and is almost 6.5 meters long. As an additional weapon, there is a 12.7 or 7.62 mm machine gun installed. The operational range of the projectiles fired by the mortar is between 9 and 13 km, depending on their type.

The Scania DS14 diesel engine delivers 550 horsepower, providing a top speed of 70 km / h. With a full fuel tank, CV90 Mjоlner can travel 300 km.


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