Mercedes-Benz G464 with MBDA Enforcer weapon systems was shown

BERLIN, ($1=0.90 Euros) — At the international exhibition for defense agencies Enforce TAC 2022, the ACS specialist presented a version of his Enok AB with a launcher for the small Enforcer missile, has learned, citing Soldat&Technik. Enok AB – AB stands for Airborne – is based on a Mercedes-Benz chassis from the G 461 and later the G 464.

Mercedes-Benz G464 with MBDA Enforcer weapon systems was shown
Photo credit: Soldat&Techik

A modular aluminum frame sits on top. This design should keep the car light, robust, simple, scalable, and cost-effective. mentioned that this particular vehicle was recently purchased by the special forces of the Czech Armed Forces.

Up to 15 conversion kits must be able to be used on the platform. The guided-missile variant shown in the Enforce TAC carries a weapon system that can fire two small Enforcer missiles from MBDA Germany.

More about this option MBDA Enforcer (KFK)

Photo credit: Jane’s

The KFK Enforcer is currently being acquired by the Bundeswehr as “1800+ light weapons” and is scheduled to be delivered by 2024. Through this product, the MBDA is trying to provide an additional option for multi-role ammunition. KFK Enforcer is designed primarily for combat operations in urban environments. The company says that the weapon system that launches these mini-missiles has precise accuracy, and the operator’s action is minimized.

KFK Enforcer can be used against a wide range of static or moving targets, with a range very close to that of standard automatic grenade launchers. It strikes excellently small armored targets, as well as light infrastructures.

The missiles to the system are of the “fire-and-forget” type. They range up to 2,000 meters and have a Lock-on before launch [LOBL] system. Each missile is equipped with a Multi-effects warhead. The rocket together with the launch tube weighs only 9 kg. The entire weapon system weighs up to 20 kg and has a modular architecture. According to the manufacturer, this type of weapon is perfectly suitable for close combat operations in a closed environment.

Germany will receive MBDA Enforcer missile - warhead with multimode fuze
Photo credit: MBDA


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