US received USS Oregon – S9G reactor, BGM-109 missiles, Mk48 torpedoes

WASHINGTON — On February 28, the US Navy received a new nuclear-powered Virginia-class attack submarine, the USS Oregon [SSN-793]. The information was confirmed by the US Department of Defense.

Top 5 best submarines in the world-USS Virginia, US
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Manufacturers of the new submarine are General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Industries. According to available information, this is the twentieth Virginia-class submarine produced by these two companies for the US Navy. reminds us that the US government and the two American companies have a long-standing agreement for the production of submarines.

USS Oregon [SSN-793] is Block IV and is the second of this series produced and delivered to the US Navy. With the new acquisition, the US Navy will continue to carry out various reconnaissance or military missions, both on the high seas and along the coasts of its protected area.

USS Oregon (SSN-793)

The USS Oregon [SSN-793] is a nuclear-powered attack submarine using the S9G reactor. The designation S9G means: S – designed for a submarine, 9 – the core of the reactor is the 9th generation, G – the manufacturer is General Electric. This type of reactor is intended for use by the US Navy only.

US got USS Oregon - S9G reactor, Tomahawks, Mk48 torpedoes
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According to unconfirmed information, this reactor generates 210 megawatts [MWth], which helps to drive a pump-jet propulsion system with 30 MW. The reactor is corrosion resistant, has significantly reduced life cycle costs, and provides the submarine with energy density. According to the reactor manufacturer, 33 years is the maximum life cycle that a submarine can reach with this reactor if it is not replaced.

The USS Oregon [SSN-793] is armed with 12 long-range, all-weather, jet-powered, subsonic Tomahawk cruise missiles, which are launched from 12 vertical launch systems integrated into the submarine. Additionally, the submarine has 4 21-inch torpedo tubes through which Mk48 torpedoes are fired.

25 knots is the maximum speed of the vessel, which is 115 meters long. It can be submerged to a depth of 244 meters and remain underwater for a maximum of 3 months. The crew consists of 15 officers and 120 sailors.


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