MBDA begins work on building Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon

PARIS, ($1=0.89 Euros) — Franco-British deep-sea and underwater weapons systems will become part of the new portfolio of the French company MBDA, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing an official press release from the company. Government delegations from France and the United Kingdom have already signed a bilateral agreement on preparations for the Future Cruise / Anti-Ship Weapon [FC / ASW] program.

MBDA begins work on building Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon
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In the coming years, the MBDA will have to produce next-generation missiles for deep-sea and underwater military operations. According to available information, there are currently two concepts: a low-visibility subsonic missile and a highly maneuverable supersonic missile. According to preliminary expectations and the deadlines set in the program, the MBDA must have provided a solution for the missile to be operational by the end of this decade. The new submarine weapons system is expected to meet molar and ground targets, including the disposal of anti-aircraft defense systems. France and the United Kingdom want FC / ASW to have a long-range.

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According to known characteristics, the future deep-sea and underwater missile system will be powered by a ramjet motor, and its total mass will be approximately 800 kg. The missile will have one main 200 kg warhead and 2 x 40-50 kg inertially guided effects from lateral bays. The maximum range of the missile is expected to be up to 300 km. According to the program, the equipment will consist of a multimode active e-scan radar and a laser radar, and semi-active laser guidance capability.

Eric Beranger, MBDA’s chief executive, says the joint development of FC / ASW will take place at the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom and France. He believes that the company can provide “unique and sovereign opportunities”, and the project itself strengthens the trust of the French manufacturer. “These concepts are to meet the requirements of France and the UK and will provide a game-changing capability to overcome land-based and maritime threats, hardened targets and air defense systems, at very long ranges and in increasingly contested battlespace environments,” Beranger added.

MBDA begins work on building Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon
Photo credit: MBDA

MBDA has extensive experience in developing systems of three main military domains – water, land, and land. The French company has a license for 45 missile systems, while the company has participated or is participating in 15 different programs for their development.

In the field of naval forces and the development of anti-aircraft missiles, the French giant is developing a dozen missile systems, according to the company’s portfolio. One of the most famous in this field missile system is Exocet and MBDA is part of its creation. MBDA develops missiles that can be launched from a ship, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.


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