Rheinmetall showed a powerful 120mm light tank with PnP and .50 cal. MG

BERLLIN, ($1=0.88 Euros) — The German company Rheinmetall presented the newest member of the family of armored vehicles Lynx 120. This is a light tank that has a basic 120mm smoothbore gun taken from Leopard 2. The remaining firepower is a mechanized version of the firepower of Lynx KF 41. It turns out that the Lynx KF 41 has also given the chassis to be integrated into the new Lynx 120.

Rheinmetall showed a powerful 120mm light tank with PnP and .50 cal. MG
Photo credit: Rheinmetall

The Dusseldorf-based company says the Lynx 120 is a combined mix of mobility, firepower, lethality, and survival. Lynx 120 is lighter than Lynx KF 41. The tank has integrated adaptive protection, and the architecture is based on the principle of “plug-and-play” [PnP]. This is a good solution, as the PnP architecture allows future upgrades to be performed quickly and cheaply. At the same time, the PNP architecture allows the vehicle to be quickly adapted to NATO standards under certain conditions.

Rheinmetal unveiled the Lynx KF41 as the future of the Australian infantry
Photo credit: Army Recognition

Rheinmetall thinks of the Lynx 120 as a combat system – maximum operational productivity, an advantage in logistics processes, and cost reduction. All this, combined with the provision of maximum mortality, firepower, and defense technology, can make the Lynx 120 desirable for the ground forces of many armies around the world. The Lynx 120 is already involved in some projects around the world, such as the acquisition of new armored vehicles for Australia and Slovakia, as well as the US OMFV program. Hungary has already become the first country in the world to acquire the Lynx platform nearly two years ago.

Lynx 120 turret

Italy seeks MBT, Franco-German MGCS with 130mm cannon is an option
Photo credit: Jane’s

As mentioned in the beginning, the main cannon is a 120mm smoothbore cannon, which is used as the main cannon of the Leopard 2 tank. This cannon is designed to work with several types of projectiles, most often firing DM11 programmable high-explosive [HE] projectiles. In addition to the main cannon, the turret is equipped with two more machine guns – a coaxial light machine gun and a .50 caliber light machine gun, which form the weapon station.

The turret rotates 360 degrees, as does the main optical system mounted on it. Day, night, and thermal imaging systems for tracking and detection are integrated. In addition, periscopes can be seen from the provided photos, which suggests that the Lynx 120 has an integrated internal optical command post.

Outside, the Lynx 120 has integrated ballistic protection modules that have to deal with improvised explosive devices, artillery fire, and explosive penetrators. The PNP architecture allows the light tank to be quickly retrofitted with the proven Rheinmetall Active Defense System, or ADS. This system is designed to protect against rocket-propelled grenades or anti-tank missiles.


The company does not provide information about the engine. We can assume that the chassis used by the KF41 means that the Lynx 120 is powered by a Liebherr diesel engine that can provide 750hp [563kW] or 1,140hp [850kW].

Rheinmetall showed a powerful 120mm light tank with PnP and .50 cal. MG
Photo credit: Renk

Another assumption is an Allison X300 series 6F/1R or Renk HSWL 256 automatic transmission. The Liebherr diesel is of the common rail type and fitted with a two-stage turbocharger and two-stage intercooler.


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