Redback IFV and K9 SPH will conquer markets by using Bisalloy steel

SEOUL, ($1=1.195.65 South Korean Won) — The Korean company Hanwha Defense has big plans for its Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle [IFV] by entering into international markets. Seoul has announced that Redback will now use steel from Australian manufacturer Bisalloy Steels Group. A memorandum of understanding [MoU] has already been signed between the two companies.

Redback IFV and K9 SPH will conquer markets by using Bisalloy steel
Photo credit: Hanwha Defense

What is ahead is for the two companies to develop a technical analysis and methodology for steel integration. Hanwha Defense wants the new supplier to provide not only steel for Redback [IFV] but also for the K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer. Hanwha Defense says the two armored vehicles for the ground forces will be offered for export with the new steel.

Hanwha Defense and Bisalloy see an opportunity to make critical deliveries in a time of pandemic conditions. MoU will help both companies build a secondary supply chain as Hanwha Defense significantly expands the market for its K9 howitzer. “We will explore ways to use Bisally Steel further for the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer, as well as the Redback IFV” Mr. Son Jae-il, CEO and President of Hanwha Defense said. “Upon the recent contract with Egypt over the K9, in particular, we will review ways to utilize the Australian steel for the K9A1EGY project first.”

Egypt seeks howitzers, Korea's armored K9s 155mm are an option
Photo credit: Hanwha Defense recalls that on February 1, Egypt placed an order to South Korea to manufacture and purchase at least 200 K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers in a deal worth nearly $ 1.7 billion. According to preliminary information, Egypt will take over part of the howitzer production at its near Cairo Factory 200 [Abu Zaabal Tank Repair Factory].

Redback IFV tests are forthcoming

In April this year, the Redback armored vehicle is also to be handed over to the Korean Army’s armored cavalry unit for a two-month test.

The tests will focus on testing Redback’s advanced technology and operational capabilities. The tests will also focus on the mobility, performance, and maintenance of the machine.

Redback IFV and K9 SPH will conquer markets by using Bisalloy steel
Photo credit: Hanwha Defense

For mobility tests, the armored vehicle will be assessed on paved and unpaved roads with a variety of driving skills, including cornering, overcoming obstacles, and maneuvering at night with situational awareness equipment.

Performance tests will include an assessment of the situation’s cameras, load space, and ergonomics of different seat configurations.

Redback IFV for USA and Australia

Hanwha Defense wants to quickly establish its chain of armored vehicles on international markets. Currently, Redback IFV is competing to win two important programs – in Australia and the United States.

Hanwha Defense is participating in the third phase of the Australian Land 400 program. The project will purchase up to 450 chain combat vehicles. Under the program, the Australian Ministry of Defense is seeking to replace its infantry fighting vehicles and has presented technical requirements for the transfer of six fighters and three crew members.

Hanwha’s Redback chassis is already part of the US Army’s Concept Design Phase [OMFV]. However, the Korean company is participating in this program together with the local Oshkosh Defense.

Redback IFV

Redback IFV is a chain Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the Army. It is equipped with a main 30mm cannon, aux armament 7.62 light machine gun, and a 12.7mm remote weapon station [RWS]. The turret of the armored vehicle has an integrated anti-tank missile launch system.

Redback IFV weighs approximately 42 tons and develops a top speed of 65 km / h, and can travel at medium speed and a full tank of fuel approximately 520 km.


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