Pakistan showed J-10C with WS-10B thrust-vectoring engine and IR AAMs

ISLAMABAD, ($1=174.85 Pakistani Rupees) — Pakistan is trying to respond in every way to its Indian rival and “natural adversary.” The recent acquisition of French fighter jets by Dassault Rafale from New Delhi has apparently irritated Islamabad, and Beijing appears to be.

Pakistan showed J-10C with WS-10B thrust-vectoring engine and IR AAMs
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Photos of Pakistan’s first all-Pakistan Chengdu J-10C fighter have been released with many updates and improvements. According to preliminary information, Islamabad must buy at least 25 units of the new Pakistani fighter. The Chengdu J-10C is to be officially unveiled to the general Pakistani public and the world during a demonstration to mark Pakistan Day on March 23, 2022.

Pakistan showed J-10C with WS-10B thrust-vectoring engine and IR AAMs
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The newest member of the Chengdu family of fighters has significant improvements in avionics, ammunition options, and engine. It can be estimated that the J-10C can also be used as a deterrent in the sea area, with its ability to use AESA radar, infrared long-range air-to-air missile PL-15 with dual pulse engines, and various anti-aircraft – ship missiles.

Pakistani sources say the J-10C fighter jets, which have undergone a series of changes to meet the needs of the Pakistani Air Force, are also equipped with WS-10B turbofan engines.

Pakistan showed J-10C with WS-10B thrust-vectoring engine and IR AAMs
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Many of the J-10s are powered by Soviet-Russian Saturn AL-31FN3 engines. They provide a thrust/weight of 1.05. However, China has developed its own Shenyang WS-10 engine, and especially this fighter is already flying the Shenyang WS-10A which provides thrust/weight 1.10.

The Pakistani J-10C fighter powered by WS-10B is believed to have even more thrust, but there is no exact information on how much. What is known about the WS-10B is that the WS-10B engine has a maximum output of 31,000 pounds of thrust.

With higher flying characteristics, range, and ammunition load compared to the lighter JF-17 Thunder class, developed and manufactured in collaboration with China, the J-10C will complement larger missions and missions, especially in naval areas.

Vigorous Dragon

The original J-10, which is made exclusively in China and also known as the Vigorous Dragon, is a single-seat multirole fighter and produced by the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation [CAC] for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force [PLAAF]. J-10 is designed for all weather conditions.

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According to unofficial information, by the end of 2020, just over 500 fighters have been produced from this model. It was officially unveiled in 2005, although serial production began three years earlier, the “delayed” launch is traditional for Beijing.

The maximum flight speed that J-10 develops is 1.8 Mach, and the maximum g limit is + 9 / -3. The aircraft is armed with several air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, as well as laser-guided bombs [LT-2], glide bombs [LS-6, GB3, GB2A, GB3A], satellite-guided bombs [FT-1], and unguided bombs [250 kg, 500 kg]. The fighter has an integrated 23mm light machine gun Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23.


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