Watch the first video of Chinese Type 055 destroyer 102 Lhasa

BEIJING, ($1=6.35 Chinese Yuans) — managed to get the first video for the latest Chinese destroyer 102 Lhasa, Type 055. According to our sources, the video is part of a presentation set of videos intended for foreign clients.

Watch the first video of Chinese Type 055 destroyer 102 Lhasa
Photo credit: Sputnik News

Chinese Type 055 destroyer was put into operation in early 2021. Although little is known about the destroyer, in the last almost 12 months information has been coming to us in parts.

We first heard about the Type 055 in 2014, when the first images of a mock-up of a large destroyer appeared. reminds us that the idea of ​​China having a big destroyer dates back to the 1960s. In the 1970s, China began to develop and manufacture this type of destroyer, but in the early 1980s, it faced a problem – poor industrial development. The situation has been so insurmountable for China that the necessary gas turbine power plants have become a “double hostage” – they can neither be produced in China nor imported.

The maximum speed that Type 055 can reach is 30 knots. It is provided by 4 × QC-280 gas turbines providing 112 MW. The main gun is 130mm H / PJ-38. The armament also includes Type 730 seven-barrelled 30 mm Gatling-type cannon, 1 × HQ-10 short-range SAM 24-cell launcher, surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, missile-launched anti-submarine torpedoes. Two types of helicopters can be landed on the ship – Harbin Z-9 military utility helicopter and Changhe Z-18 medium-lift transport helicopter.

Watch the first video of Chinese Type 055 destroyer 102 Lhasa
Photo credit: Wikipedia

According to Western classifications, and especially according to the United States, Type 055 is classified as a cruiser. For comparison, the United States has a cruiser class Ticonderoga. The US Navy uses this type of surface fighter indirect military missions with a leading role in them. That’s why the Pentagon thinks Type 055 will be an integral part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s expeditionary missions and will provide escorts for Chinese aircraft carriers.


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