Israel provides Morocco with Barak SAMs with up to 150 km range

TEL AVIV, ($1=3.24 Israeli Shekels) — The company Israel Aerospace Industries [IAI] will supply Morocco with Barak MX air and anti-missile defense systems for an estimated amount of more than $500 million, learned, citing InfoDefensa.

Israel provides Morocco with Barak SAMs up to 150 km range
Photo credit: IAI

Since Israel re-established relations with Rabat a little over a year ago, Morocco had purchased defense material from IAI worth several tens of millions of dollars, according to reports at the end of last year. The new purchase far exceeds the value of the equipment purchased so far.

Among other Israeli products, Morocco had already purchased Heron unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel, also from IAI; robotic systems from Elbit Systems, and drone interceptors from Skylock, according to information collected by the Israeli business outlet Globes.

The same media highlights that the Barak MX, which works backed by radar, is a flexible and modular solution prepared to protect against a variety of missile and drone threats. It is a weapon capable of managing three types of Barak family interceptors: the MRDA, the LRAD, and the ER. The Barak-MRDA is capable of intercepting missiles at a distance of up to 75 kilometers. The Barak-LRAD, for its part, can intercept them at 70 kilometers, and the Barak-ER extends its range up to 150 kilometers.

Israel provides Morocco with Barak SAMs up to 150 km range
Photo credit: IAI

A few weeks ago it emerged that the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces had established a new air defense base 60 kilometers from the country’s capital, as reported at the time.

Military pact

Morocco and Israel reached an unprecedented military pact on November 24, since no other Arab country had so far formalized such a far-reaching defense agreement. The Israeli Defense Minister himself, Benny Gantz, traveled to Morocco to sign the memorandum of understanding in which this alliance is reflected with his counterpart from the North African country, Abdellatif Loudiyi.

The normalization of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv began in December 2020, through the so-called Abraham Accords. This is an initiative promoted by the Administration of the then President of the United States, Donald Trump, in exchange for the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the former Spanish province of Western Sahara.

Clashes returned to this territory in conflict a little over a year ago, after the long period of peace agreed in 1991 by both parties: Morocco and the Polisario Front, which acts on behalf of the former inhabitants of the former Spanish province who escaped to Algeria after the occupation that carried out the first.


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