Digger helping dozen Russian T-72 tanks stuck in the mud [video]

MOSCOW, ($1=76.90 Russian Rubles) — Recently upgraded and ready for combat, Russian T-72 version B3 tanks were sent to an exercise in the Rostov region, near the Ukrainian border, and then stuck in the mud. Amateur shots were taken with a mobile phone and shared on a social network show at least a dozen tanks struggling with the natural features of the February Russian wintertime.

Russia has been conducting military exercises for several days in the Rostov region. The video was released on Thursday, with its author claiming that the tanks were stuck in the mud at a military training ground. A Russian civilian, an excavator, is trying to use his equipment to help Russian tankers, trying to get at least one tank out of the mud.

T-72B3 is the latest upgraded version of the Russian flagship. This modernization began in 2010. The T-72 began mass production in the Soviet Union in 1968 and continues to this day, with at least 25,000 tanks built to date. Russia has 2,000 active tanks and at least another 7,000 in reserve. This tank has taken part in all Russian military operations in the last 54 years.

Russian T-72 tank will fire faster and more accurately after its latest upgrade
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The upgraded version of the T-72B3 has significantly improved firepower thanks to the integrated new and modern fire control system. Each of the upgraded tanks received a new, more powerful engine, guaranteeing a minimum of 1,130 horsepower. The engine is V-92S2F with automatic transmission, digital display, and rear-wheel drive.

The amateur video was released on February 10 this year, and the author claims that the video was shot the same day.


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